Making a choice


Everyone has choices.  For you naysayers that exude denial and say you didn’t have a choice… are lying.  You do have a choice.  Sometimes choosing not to make a choice is your choice.   Maybe the people saying they didn’t have a choice are really saying  “I am denying culpability for my actions” therefore, if no choice is made, the fault will not be theirs.  Bollocks!! (insert British accent)

Although choices should be made carefully and given ample thought, they are available for everyone to make.  Many factors must be balanced before you make a choice but ultimately the decision making requires a rational mind with an understanding of the potential conclusion.


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The fork in the road is put there for a specific purpose.  It is a deciding moment that you are able to pause and weigh your options.  Each fork will bring an alternate result and it is that pause that you are given that will help you make the choice that is best for you.  Choices should not be made on a whim because the trickle down effect could cause more people to be affected by your decision.  Take that gift seriously.   If the choice you are making could be detrimental to someone else it is worth putting in a solid effort to weigh the pros and cons before you give your final answer.

Inevitably we will all make some bad choices along the way, but there is always that promise of redemption by making a better choice the next time.  And ultimately choosing to make the better choice lies within making that choice in the first place.

Allow yourself the responsibility of making that choice wisely and choose to live with its consequences.  At least you will have the benefit of knowing you made the effort and if it wasn’t the right choice, you will get another chance to choose again.

15 thoughts on “Making a choice

  1. This is a thought provoking and timely post. I have a completely relatable issue at work regarding culpability and accountability guiding us to use our integrity to make the right choice, but more importantly to actually choose. I loved this post!

  2. I love this subject – every second we make choices and each of those choices take us to the next second and another choice – it’s really intriguing because the choices we make take us on our future path (it’s amazing to think about!) 😀

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