Even crime can be organized


“Organizing isn’t about perfection.  It’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” ~ Christina Scalise

I am a self-professed control freak when it comes to events in my life.  I love planning, I love having lists and I love being organized.  I’m an Aries, what can I say?

The questionnaire

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Routine and planning make me comfortable.  I like to know what to expect and I appreciate having my day flow in a way that can only come from planning.  I go so far as to arrange my grocery list according to the layout of the aisles so my shopping is not a haphazard trip, circling the store multiple times to find items.  It is a coordinated dance through the maelstrom of people frantically running from aisle to aisle having given no forethought to the layout of the store.

While I admit I am not a big fan of surprises, I do appreciate a little spontaneity.  It is a welcome change from the comfort of my structure but I could never be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl.  I like setting aside time for certain tasks and find that I accomplish much more when I stick to a regimented timetable.

I have mellowed over the years and am not as systematic as I used to be.  I was once accused of planning a spontaneous event and, although I thought I covered it well, I was guilty as charged.  I’ve learned to let go of the reigns as I have matured (or aged….the maturity is still in question) and enjoy the moments of the unexpected.  But I will never give up my lists.

Are you a planner or do you prefer spontaneity?

12 thoughts on “Even crime can be organized

  1. Complete planner. One of the first apps I got for my iPhone was a ToDo list app. And then a Grocery List app. I use them multiple times every day!

  2. My boy is an Aries, too, and the closest he ever comes to organization is shoving all his junk into one ginormous pile.

    I, on the other hand, am a Sagittarius. It’s a sign associated with freewheeling-ness, but I will have none of that. I am an organized planner to my core.

  3. I guess I’d be more of a planner. I like to have a general plan, but then leave space or wiggle room for unexpected things. I really want to take a vacation where I just go somewhere without booking a hotel room in advance or planning anything to do.

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