Baring it all…okay, maybe just my feet….


I have a little “Spring in my step” today.  Against the better judgement of some (who may or may not have called me a dumb-ass), I left my house this morning in my sandals.  Although the thermometer only registered a mere three degrees Celsius, I forged my way up the driveway to my car, my will strong and my head held high.

There are others like me.  We don’t hold weekly meetings, although they would be fun, and we don’t have a 12-step program for our affliction.  We simply do not like wearing shoes.  If I had my way, I would be barefoot all the time.  I don’t hold ill-will towards shoes but I find them constricting and uncomfortable.  It is a rare sighting to see me in heels and a vision that does not qualify as remotely graceful.

I have been spotted roaming around the lodge in the summer while my sandals are tucked neatly under my office desk.  I only begrudgingly put them back on when I have to go into the kitchen or the restrooms.  If my feet are ever seen by an Esthetician the gasps of horror can be heard by people in the neighboring towns.

The freedom of being barefoot is something I have always cherished.  Shoes seem like such an unnatural invention and always remind me of this clip from The Bird Cage.

What about you?  Naked feet or shoes?

17 thoughts on “Baring it all…okay, maybe just my feet….

  1. Oh, I am so with you on the barefoot 🙂 Though sadly I have allowed them to become more hoof-like with my neglect of pedicure. I have a fab pair of flowery Birkenstocks, which have never let me down. The same cannot be said of the Shoes of Doom, Pointy Jingle Bell Boots or Wedges on the Edge….

  2. Well, my feet are a bit “affected” by my arthritis so I do not like to subject anyone to the not so pretty sight. Shoes with straps are my friends, especially wide straps that cover them up. My mother hated us being barefoot so she forbid it in our home, growing up. Speaking of foot fetish, I wrote a post about my feet once and a foot fetish guy commented on how much he loved my bunions. Seriously?

  3. I spent the first fourteen years of my life pretty much barefoot all the time and it is a state I would have preferred to remain in forever, so I am completely with you on this one 😉 But, the other day, I was the dumb-ass who went out in sandals (when the sun was shining) only to come home later in the day after it had started snowing….people do tend to look at you funny when you’re wearing sandals in the snow 😛 !!

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