Learning lessons the right way

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“I never lose….either I win or I learn.” ~ Spirit Science

I consider myself to be very fortunate because I have made many mistakes throughout my life’s journey.   My reward is not in the error itself but in the fact that I was able to take something positive from a negative experience and use it to gain knowledge.

I choose to be happy that I made egregious errors in judgement because those missteps in my life may have led me to the path I was meant to follow.  Those miscalculations made me better understand myself and realize that I have not lost anything.  I have merely chosen to take more from the situation, to comprehend life’s advice, rather than to walk away defeated and sad.lessons-in-learning-610x200

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I feel like a victor because I have been able to truly learn from the lapses in my reasoning.  I did not gain strength from anything other than lifting myself back up, dusting myself off and starting over again.

Choices are easy to make but consequences are hard to ignore.  Those who cannot see the bigger picture will simply feel like they have lost.  But those able to see beyond the initial reaction to their action will realize that they have won because they have learned more about themselves having done it the hard way than they would have by quietly admitted defeat.

I will never lose.  It is a bold statement but one I stand behind with absolute certainty.  I will take my lumps, learn my lessons and be much more prepared for the rest of the life that my future has in store for me.  Losing is not an option.

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