The day in between


March 8th had never previously had a profound effect on my life.  It had always been a day like any other.  But three years ago, that day marked the separation between the calendar date that my mother and my father passed away.  Although the losses were separated by almost 8 years, the fact did not go unrecognized that the dates of their individual passing almost overlapped.  March 7th was the third anniversary of my mom’s passing and March 9th will be the 11th anniversary of losing my dad.

Time is a funny thing.  Had those moments not occurred within less than 48 hours of each other, eight years later, that single day on the calendar would go by inconspicuously.  It would still be a day like any other.

arch bridge

But today has become a bridge – a connection that holds the memories of both my mom and my dad in a splendid moment of happiness between the two saddest days of our lives.

Today is the day when their laughter is heard and the thoughts of their smiles are etched in our memories.  Those moments shine above the heartbreak of their losses.  Today is the day that will hold us in its embrace, allowing us to live in the contentment of how wonderful life was when they were both still with us.  And today is the day that we can stand on top of that bridge and not feel the pain of loss on either side.

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7 thoughts on “The day in between

  1. Your mum was a special lady Toohey – she was a quiet achiever. She was kind, gentle, caring and true. I had a special rapport with her and we used to laugh together a lot. Our catch-ups were fun and full as we caught up on all the people that we knew in common.

    She introduced me to Twinnings Earl Grey tea and together with her home-made banana muffins we would talk, sip and munch for hours. They were very meaningful moments.

    Ahh…! I always intended coming back to the Great White North to catch up on all the special people. The Nairn household would have been on the top of my list. As it has happened I haven’t made that trip back, and now Jane is not there.

    One thing for sure is that my memories of Canada and of one Jane Nairn are intertwined and will remain with me forever. When I do make that trip back one day, all my memories will flood back and it will be as if Jane is present along the way. I miss her, and my time in Canada was made more special because of her.

    • Ah, Dear Trev…..thank you so much for that. Indeed she was a very special lady. There are many times I wish I could pick up the phone and hear her voice.
      When you do make it back for a visit, I will bake you some banana muffins and we can remember the great times over a cuppa. xx

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