My greatest love affair


I can’t recall our first meeting but I can tell you it was love at first sight.  My curious gaze met his warm, brown eyes and the rest is history.  I was a year old, and he was a stuffed bear, but ours is a love story for the ages.

Me and Winnie

When I couldn’t fall asleep, Winnie was there.  When I was excited to read my new poem or short story, Winnie was there.  And, sadly, when my roommate’s dog escaped her confines and ran up to my room, Winnie was there.  After some moderate facial reconstruction and many tears on my part, Winnie, or a new version of his former self, was still there, he is still slightly angry that he had bad plastic surgery.


He may have slightly faded with time, as have I, but he still remains the same stoic character that I have come to rely on over the last 47 years.  We celebrate our birthdays together and, although I have the benefit of one extra year of wisdom since he was carefully crafted by my mother on my first birthday, each year is just as special because he is there to celebrate with me.

This is the fifth year I have been able to write a blog post on our birthday and I have written a tribute to him every year, so why should this year be any different?  He has been my confidant, my best supporter and the shoulder (albeit padded) that I know I can cry on whenever I feel the need to shed a tear or two.   He, like me, has experienced an encyclopedia of reference material when it comes to life events but we have come out remarkably unscathed.

Happy Birthday Winnie!  May the scars of our past help carve the road that leads us into our future.

10 thoughts on “My greatest love affair

  1. Happy Birthday Tooie !
    And Happy Birthday Winnie !
    Many happy returns of today !
    It would have been my Mum’s Happy Birthday too…….103 years old ! She has been ”watching from above” for over 47 years.
    Happy celebrations !
    Here’s to YOU !
    Our love and very best wishes
    Hugs, B XOxoXO

  2. I was very touched reading this story about Winnie. My 2 greatest companions are Frappacino (a bear given to me at the age of 28 from my first meeting with my biological mother). Frapp needs a few stitches which I have neglected due to my pre-occupation in a dysfunctional relationship. I am thankfully free, and will spend some time mending Frapp’s eyebrow and my heart. My other special bear is Snowball. When my mom (my mom who raised me, my “real” mom) was fading away from Cancer, I brought her a fluffy, white bear to hold her in the hospital bed. She passed away with Snowball by her side. Now, I am safely in Collingwood with both Snowball giving me a different kind of comfort! Yea to all the precious stuffies out there providing a soft landing!

  3. I love Winnie the Pooh! I have a giant talking one that a good friend gave to me back in college, but I have to say that my long time friend is Littlefoot. Yes, that cute little Brontosaurus from The Land Before Time (or long neck as they refer to him as). I’ve had since about 7 and he’s still with me. I wouldn’t trade him for the world! It’s amazing how these seemingly simple, “lifeless toys” give so much back. They just always seem to understand and be there without judgement or harassment and yet it’s so comforting. Lovely story! Happy birthday to you both! 🙂

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