To Newtown, with love from across the border


Senseless, targeted, horrific violence affects everyone.  It seeps into the very core of our being and floats our empathy to the surface of our emotions.  Yesterday’s devastation in Newtown affected the world.  It sank deeply into the hearts of people across the globe and left a scar that will never completely heal.

Everyone in the world wants to know why, but that is an answer that may never fully find a voice.  The news coverage is quick to remind us of many other abhorrent acts of extreme violence, but this one is the most sickening.  They were so young, barely beginning their journey in this world.  And the ones who survived will carry with them an early memory of childhood marred by true evil.

The news in Canada continues to be splashed with the images of those poor families. Many of the comments on Facebook immediately jumped to gun control, but it should go so much deeper than that. It seems nonsensical that an armed man with no real affiliation to that school should be able to walk in off the street and change the lives of so many people on a dreadfully permanent basis.  It truly will affect anyone that has a child of their own, or even a child in their lives in any facet.

The cloud of grief that blankets the small community of Newtown may never fully lift from their skies.  In time, the outpouring of love and support from their community, and the energy of that same support from all over the world will hopefully help the sun begin to warm  the cold reality that they currently face.  My heart is broken for the family and friends of the victims of this shocking catastrophe.

11 thoughts on “To Newtown, with love from across the border

  1. Very well written, and I also wish it did not have to be written. I also feel it needs to go deeper than just gun control , this is one of the many sensless acts of violence that people inflict upon others, I will never understand it. Thank you for writing on such a difficult subject with such compasion and empathy. Wish I could give you a hug 🙂

  2. What outlandish thought processes go on in some people’s minds is beyond comprehension, but this horror is at the top. Your words are always so timely and precise my friend. Well done and my prayers to the families and the community as they go through this incredible time.

  3. You are right – the entire world is grieving. Disbelief and abhorrence is on the top of all our minds. I love your words, they are always so comforting and beautiful…

    • Amongst the chaos of the recent events in this world I had to focus on something positive. I was nominated by a friend for the Blogger of the Year and had to nominate others. You, of course, were one of the first ones I thought of. Your passion inspires me and I wanted to mention you so others, if they are not following already, would find you and realize how brilliant you are with words.

      (And I’m almost finished The Eleventh Question….soooo good)

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