Taking the next steps


I have spent many hours blogging about my writing. Writing, for me, is less of a hobby and more of a need. I feel unsettled if I have been away from my keyboard for long periods of time. I crave the clicking of the keys and I miss watching the ideas appear on the screen as my brain furiously works overtime to craft a story. It is an amazing gift to be able to conceive complex characters and weave them in and out of scenes that have come from the depths of my creativity.

Until now, my prose has been something I have accomplished within the four walls of my home but that is going to change. Today, I took a couple of giant steps toward becoming a member of the larger collective and have joined a local writer’s association as well as registered for a writing conference in the late fall. It didn’t feel like a monumental decision when I pressed the enter key to send my information but I am now realizing I just took a gigantic step outside of my comfort zone.

Soon, I will be face to face with other authors. I will be in the company of agents and editors. I will be in a room with like-minded people who share my passion for writing. I can absorb their knowledge, share their apprehensions and become a member of a new community that has been created for people like me. I am not sure if my nerves are outweighing my excitement or if it is the other way around. Regardless, I have opened that door and am looking forward to seeing what is on the other side.

17 thoughts on “Taking the next steps

  1. Well done ! You have made a very good decision…….a very positive step forward. I am sure that you will absolutely thrive when you are immersed in a like minded community. I eagerly await your published novels. Hugs, B xo

  2. Moving out of our comfort zones is one of the best things we can do for our personal growth … but it’s still scary. I’ve belonged to several writers groups over the years, and some have been incredibly helpful while others, well, not so much. Don’t give up if this one doesn’t work out for you … but I hope it does. Can’t wait for your updates as you flex those writing muscles in new ways!

  3. Good for you. That is a great and I am sure you will flourish in this new adventure. This may open doors for you that may change your writing for ever. New things that take us out of our comfort zone are always scary and exhilarating at the same time. Don’t underestimate yourself, you have much to offer the all of those other people as well. Your parents would be very proud. Love you.

  4. Good luck to you with the writer’s group! I hope it goes well. I tried joining one but there was this weird air of desperation in the room all the time. I didn’t end up staying. It might have also been because I don’t like people much, so hopefully it will work out better for you. I know I need to make some steps of my own, and the hardest is definitely showing others your work and taking critiques, so kudos to that. πŸ™‚

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