Are you there blog? It’s me, Susan.


“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” ~ John Lennon

I started this blog over a decade ago. In the beginning, I would publish posts on a regular basis but the freedom I once had of being able to post what I wanted, when I wanted, has slowly taken a back seat to the new dynamic of dealing with the other plans life has inadvertently thrown in my path.

This is not a pity blog, and I will never complain that my blogging has taken a backseat to my writing, and self-publishing, three books. The words I write today are written to simply remind myself that I have this forum to share my whimsical thoughts. I am not bound by the non-existent outline of the novel I am currently writing. This is my safe space, the space that allows me to exist on my own terms and follow the rules I create without being compelled to write the words my characters encourage me to write.

I have missed the freedom I feel in this space. Every time I open a blank page to create a new post, I am overcome by same emotion I felt when I wrote my first blog post and I let the words come to me from the same place they came from ten years ago. This space will always be my happy place, and I am always overwhelmed by emotion knowing this space will always be here to greet me and be willing to listen to what I have to say without casting judgement.

I know now that I don’t have to ask ‘are you there blog?’ because it will always be here, waiting for me to come back to it and share my thoughts.

The first of (hopefully) many milestones.


When I started this blog, I really had no idea where my voice would take me, if anywhere.  I had no idea that I would connect with people on a level far deeper than sharing a passion for writing.  I have met some extremely funny and wickedly intelligent people who I feel a greater bond with, far beyond that of just fellow writers.

My blog has taken a shape that reflects a lot of who I am.  It is generally written the way I see things – through images, metaphors and feelings. Since August of last year, I have been pretty diligent about posting every day and I am amazed that the ideas for posts keep seeping into my brain.  The ideas may take the form of stories, poetry or photographs, but that is the joy in blogging about profundities ~ every forum can portray something interesting to someone.

Today I am proud to say I’ve reached the 10,000 hit mark.  A big thank you to all of you who stop by on a regular or even an infrequent basis.  I’m glad the things I have to say and the way I say them are engaging enough to make you keep popping in for a visit.  Call ahead next time and I’ll be sure to have the Hazelnut Vanilla coffee freshly brewed in anticipation of your arrival.



Here’s hoping that inspiration, imagination and humor keep meeting for coffee on a regular basis in the Starbuck’s in my brain……and here’s hoping for another 10,000 hits!!