Soul Mates and The Red String of Fate


I posted this early in my blogging days, but really wanted to put it out there again.  It still really resonates with me, and after meeting so many like spirits and hearing stories of their bliss, it seemed appropriate to post it again.

“The Red String of Fate is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend.  It is based on the premise that the Gods tie a red string around the ankles of those who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other.”  Wikipedia

Some believe in the notion of having a soul mate and some do not.  I am hanging precariously balanced in the middle, only because I hold a strong conviction that the term should encompass much more than meeting your future spouse.  I have speculated this topic in my convoluted brain on many occasions.  Perhaps my definition of soul mate is too broad for the original intent for which it was created.  A soul knows instinctively when it has met a match.  True soul mates are not defined by a relationship, but merely joined by a common feeling, an intuition that you are meant to be a treasured part of each other’s lives.  You have assuredly had several friends in your life that inherently know you.  They understand your thoughts without you having to say a word.  They are a true kindred spirit.

I believe in reincarnation.  I trust that souls, lifetime after lifetime, strive to find each other again because they are meant to be connected.  Whether they are destined to be bound by the sanctity of marriage or merely cast as soldiers on the same proverbial battlefield, they are instinctively drawn to one another.  There is a compelling sense of familiarity, much like the feeling of deja vu – that firm belief that this experience genuinely happened in the past – and intuitively you are connected to each other’s energy.

Although my perspective on soul mates goes beyond husband and wife, I am fortunate to know many married couples that can, in fact, claim that they did marry their soul mate.  A chance encounter or a moment of serendipity, however it happened, their meeting had purpose.  Their love and respect for each other continues to grow through prosperity and adversity because their souls have known each other since long before their first physical connection.

Those ancient Gods may have had altruistic intentions, but just maybe they temporarily lost their peripheral vision. Conceivably their red string had a bigger purpose for tying two souls together that extends beyond marriage and perhaps that notion was lost in translation.

Although the red string may be nothing more than a fable or a well presented myth, it nevertheless gives us hope that people are brought into our lives for a reason.  The responsibility lies within us to discover what that reason is.

18 thoughts on “Soul Mates and The Red String of Fate

  1. I think in the end, the tale of the Red String (which I only know of by reading this) is something to try to make sense of or give hope too all of us flailing about in a random Brownian universe.

    It’s a very romantic idea though!

  2. How would you go through life being tied to another human being? That has to make certain necessary daily activities difficult, such as pooping, peeing, and driving. Silly Chinese string.

  3. I believe in the ‘red string’ because sometimes when I meet people I get the “compelling sense of familiarity, much like the feeling of deja vu”.

    When I met my hubby I had an overwhelming feeling to say “Where the hell have you been!!!” LOL – it was weird 😉

  4. I believe in the red string because it reminds me of bacon. Also, I love Japanese art and culture, and that’s just across the sea from China. And I think it’s possible there are many strings, but one of them is much bigger and stronger than the rest.

    • Of course it reminds you of bacon! And that is a very valid point about one string being stronger than the rest…that is the most important string. It is the one string we all look for in the spools of endless strings.

  5. I want to believe it is true. Can you just miss it? The only idea of never finding a soul mate is painful. There are also other details to consider … failing in marriage and having kids. Meeting someone since my divorce has been impossible for me. But your post has given me hopes there is someone out there meant for me. Hopefully in this life

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