Step aside, I brought my cape


Oh Daily Prompt, you got me two days in a row.  Good for you.  Today’s challenge – Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

When it came to handling a crisis, my father was Superman.  His cape is currently bronzed and on display in the vault of my memories.  He had the rare gift of being able to not dwell on the crisis itself, but instead focus on the necessary course of action that needed to immediately follow.  I owe him a great debt of gratitude for passing that trait on to me.

There have been many moments in my life that I have had to rely on the sturdy cape that was hidden so delicately beneath the shroud of my clothing.  It has never once failed to unleash itself when required, and last summer it was put to the test.

I work at a large family resort where chaos can ensue at any moment.  We entertain approximately 350 guests each week and we have been lucky to have avoided any major catastrophes, but last summer the God’s of Fate pointed their fickle finger and decided our time had come.

The front switchboard phone had been ringing incessantly, and I picked up one of the calls.  The sheer panic on the other end of the phone made my heart accelerate to ten times its normal rhythmic beat.   The woman on the other end of the phone was sobbing and between her deep inhalations, the words “my husband is having a heart attack” fell like scrabble tiles onto my desk.

She stayed on the line while I was simultaneously dialing 9-1-1 and alerting our lifeguards to the location of the room the gentleman was staying.  Once they were on route, I contacted the owner of our Water Ski program who is a volunteer fire fighter and first response.  There were five staff members at her suite in a matter of two minutes.  After directing the ambulance to the proper location, the minutes that followed felt like days.  The wife, daughters and grandchildren were seated cross-legged on the lawn across from his room, their tears saturating the grass.  It wasn’t until several hours later that we found out the dear man had not survived.

Even through what was undeniably one of the most traumatic experiences in their lives, and mine for that matter, the family was extremely gracious and thankful for our quick action and thoughtfulness.  It was not only my cape that flew proudly that day, but I’m certainly glad it has weathered each crisis that it has been called to handle.  It never falters, and is ready at a moment’s notice to attempt mend whatever is broken without a second thought.

Intention is nine tenths of the blog


In this space we all strive to speak to an audience, to reach people on a level they understand and enjoy. Our intention is to enlighten or amuse, to shock and impact our readers, or to simply free the voice in our head. Regardless of why we are here, we want to write. We want to put our words into the world so people will read them and come back wanting more because something we said reached them on some unspoken level. We want to feel that some part of our psyche left an indelible imprint on their brain and they connect with our words in a multitude of ways.

We write for different reasons and we write in unique voices, but within the vast forum of the blogosphere there is a common thread that binds us all – we write. We may compose those words for a variety of reasons and our passions may be fueled by different fires, but we all burn with same intensity. Sometimes those flames completely engulf us and we are overwhelmed by the fury of the fire. And sometimes those embers simply lay in wait, still, with the hope of becoming a fire and requiring the strike of an idea to rekindle that pyre of words.


My intention when I started this blog was simply to write. What I didn’t expect was to encounter the myriad number of people who enrich my life with their words. I didn’t anticipate the number of people who are rapidly becoming a staple in my day by simply doing what they love to do and by sharing their voices as well. My voice has not been quelled, but amplified by the influence of those around me. My fire, although burning at a steady pace, is not only sustained by their thought-provoking words, it is intensified by their true passion for putting words to a page. For that, my fellow bloggers and potential friends, I thank you.

The light of the fire still warms me. It envelops me and hypnotizes me with the patterns in the flames. My sleep is disrupted. My moments of REM are becoming non-existent, but I accept that fate because my intention is to listen to the voices that rouse me from that slumber and give them the freedom to say what they want to say. Let the fire burn.