The long overdue and a relatively new – thank you post (and an update).


**At the same time I was posting this yesterday, the brilliant and funny Edward Hotspur nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award as well.  This weekend was better than the Oscars for me….although I was not appropriately dressed in gown and stiletto’s.  But my reaction may have mirrored an overly made up actress after a few glasses of wine.  Thankfully, my dog will never tell.

Here is the original post:

I am a bad blogger.  Not in the sense of my writing, I’m pretty confident that I can string some meaningful sentences together and I don’t foresee an end to my nonsensical ideas any time soon (sad but true).  However, I was given The Sunshine Award a while ago by Pretty Little Dreamer  and I failed to mention that award when I received it.  And today, I was thrilled to receive the Versatile Blogger Award from confessions of an online dater.   Thank you both so much….it is truly appreciated.


There are rules involved with these awards, but I like to throw caution to the wind and alter the rules slightly.  So many blogs grab my attention for so many reasons and there are too many to list here.  Sufficed to say, they make me think, they make me laugh and they make me cry.  I encourage you to peruse the list of bloggers that I follow.  Their words reach me on many different levels and I am developing some friendships with these kindred spirits.  They encourage me on a daily basis to continue my writing journey and they inspire me with their words.

As for me listing things about myself, it would be a short and uninteresting list.  Your viewing pleasure would be better served by clicking on the links to the pages that make me want to keep writing and free the words that long to be written.  The people behind these blogs are talented, funny and genuinely nice people and I truly hope I can follow in the grand footsteps they have left behind for me to follow.

Don’t get too close – I have vernacular diarrhea


I’m not sure if it’s contagious, but I opened a floodgate of language and I don’t know how to shut it off.  It flows like a white water river and I am clinging on for dear life while I am plunged into the next swirl of words.  It invades my body like a virus.  It attacks my cells and leaves me listless at times. It feeds on my energy and drains the words from my head. It enters my dreams, controls my waking thoughts and it saturates my veins.  Symptoms of this particular strain include dry eyes, insomnia, gnarled fingers and the side effect of being addicted to electronic devices.  Upon researching this disease, I have come to realize that the language spores are mutating and this outbreak of writing has gone pandemic.


Throughout my brief journey in the blogosphere, I realized I am among many like me – people who are affected by this fever, people who have things to say, so many things to say and I really feel like I’ve found a place where I belong, a place where we can begin to find a cure this affliction.  We all have different ways of expressing our thoughts, but the common thread of loving words is woven among us and pulls us together forming a healing blanket of creativity. Expressive thoughts are voiced through poetry, humor, honesty and raw emotion and we are drawn into the same vortex of grammar, syntax and synonyms.

This particular plague can strike when you least suspect it and keep you computer-ridden for days at a time.  The only cure for this malady is large doses of imagination at regular intervals.  If the symptoms persist, please consult your thesaurus.