Forever – A Romantic Monday Post


She sat with her knees drawn to her chest watching the setting sun reflecting on the water.    As day gave way to dusk, the horizon hungrily devoured the sun leaving behind a mélange of blood-red and fire-orange dripping onto the waves.    His arms were wrapped around her and she could hear his breathing, rhythmic and calming  as he lowered his chin to her shoulder.  The waves eagerly lapped at the rocky shoreline, undulating their anchored kayaks with each ripple.


She let her head fall back onto him and inhaled deeply, savoring the pungent aroma of the smoke from the fire and letting it permeate her nostrils.  He kissed her shoulder and got up from behind her.  The moon had snuck up on the treeline and had begun to immerse itself in the night sky.  The rock was illuminated by its brilliance and she turned to see where he had gone.  He stood stoking the fire and she watched the sparks as they circled his body.  She rolled onto her stomach, gazed at his face in the fire light and thought about how he enriched her life.  She couldn’t imagine being without him and if time stood still, this would be the moment she would choose to freeze.

He laid down beside her and she curled into him.  The wind tickled them as it playfully seduced their skin. The sounds of the night had returned to serenade them and the damp smell of the campfire continued to saturate the air.  She could hear the waves teasing the shoreline,  the amplified song of the frogs rippling in on the breeze and their boats harmoniously lapping at the water.   She lifted her head and found him staring up at the night sky.  Following his gaze, she become aware of the stars that had appeared in clusters and were dancing among the surging patches of Northern Lights.   They lay in each other’s embrace, lulled by the sounds of nature and gently soothed by the luminescence of the sky.  As the waning glow of the fire cast small shadows around them he reached behind him, pulling a blanket to cover them and she nestled deeper into his arms.

The moon continued its voyage through the sea of Northern Lights and they lay in silence, cloaked in each other’s embrace.   She felt his lips on her forehead just as he slid the ring onto her finger.  No words needed to be spoken.  She lifted her head from his chest and he watched the single tear trace the curve of her cheek.  She would be his forever.

Another post inspired by Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday.