What word defines you?


Tenacious is a word that I have come to love.  It sums up so much of my personality and my desire to succeed.   It gives me an excuse to fall back on when I seem like that proverbial bull in a china shop.  But when you know what you want, why should you not use everything in your arsenal to get it?

Words continue to fuel my fire and the roaring blaze is only intensified by my yearning.  I want to write.  I want more than anything to support my lifestyle by putting my thoughts and images into words, and I want people to get lost in the spectral portraits that I create with language. That tenacity is what keeps me going.  My stubborn refusal to accept my current station in life is evident by the passion I seek to create in the many fables I wish to share.


There are many adjectives to choose from when someone asks you to define yourself.   Honest, trustworthy and loyal are among the top words that people will use to exemplify the traits they find most honorable in themselves.  I embody all of those things, but my tenacity is what sets me apart from those benign words.  My ferrous belief that my writing will allow me to have a career by incessantly tapping at this keyboard is the light that beckons me through these dark nights.  It dangles that rabbit that I continue to chase in circles around that unending track.  It gives me hope that my dreams may come to fruition.

Some say words are only words. But words are unique.  Each word that is chosen in a story is selected because of the way it truly reflects the emotion and meaning of the sentence in which it is written.  And just perhaps, those words will lead me through the current reality of my days and into a world I had only once dreamed of – a world in which I was not just a fairy tale character, but the writer of that story.

Tenacious = determined, obstinate, persistent.  Tenacious is the word that defines me.

If you had to choose only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Follow your Heart

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“What the head makes cloudy, the heart makes very clear” ~ Don Henley

So often we try to ignore what our heart is telling us.  We let our judgement be completely clouded by the things we perceive to be right and what we truly believe others expect of us.  But we are doing ourselves a grave injustice.  Our heart, while being simultaneously the most important and the most complex organ in our body, is the true divining rod of our emotional well-being.

Our brain will deceive us.  Sure, it will be the driving force to ensure that we do no harm to ourselves, to see that we are properly nourished and safe, but it will not nourish our souls the way in which our heart strives to do.   The heart wants what the heart wants, and no influence from the head can make it change its mind.

There is a child-like feeling that consumes us when we heed the message that our heart is so eagerly willing to share with us.  When you open your heart, you open your mind to its limitless possibilities.   The mind on its own can become a destructive tool and stymie us with an overwhelming dose of reason.   But the heart will never take a back seat – and the sooner we learn that lesson, the better.

Although the heart may not be the strongest muscle in the human body, it is inescapably the most perceptive.  It knows our wants perhaps more than we want to admit, and it is more than willing to voice its opinion on a more than frequent basis.

When we give ourselves permission to follow our heart, we open the doors to a path to happiness that we may never have seen in our minds. Reason and feeling take alternate journeys and inevitably it is the feeling of the heart that far outweighs the reason of the mind.   If your heart is asking you to follow, listen to what it is telling you.  There may be more reason involved in the message than you anticipated.