A welcome distraction


There have been very few times I ever doubted that the Hospitality Industry was the career path I was meant to be on, and I’m sure those few times were after a 16-hour day when I swore I would find another job.  But I never did.

Our lodge has been pretty quiet since Family Day Weekend and I have become accustomed to my 9:00 to 4:00 desk job instead of the crazy hours that hospitality affords its employees.  We had a small conference check in today and, for several days leading up to their appearance at the Front Desk, I had been dreading their arrival.  I have done this several times after a quiet period of office work.  The thought of the sudden onslaught of extra hours and becoming a jack-of-all-trades for a few days unsettles me but then something wonderful happens.  I get to be the real me again, not the paper-pushing, keyboard-punching desk worker, but the social, outgoing, charismatic person who loves to be around people.

The day truly started for me when the group began to appear at the desk around noon, although my work day started at 9:00 am.  From that moment on, I was on.  I was engaging and witty and I had long forgotten how much I had hoped the group would cancel.   There was a great deal of sarcasm and laughter and I felt like I was where I was meant to be.  After I had finished serving them dinner, one of the delegates went so far as to make the sardonic comment, “Susan, you should really learn to be more social”, to which I responded I was taking classes.

social dinner

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This welcome distraction not only reminded me of why I love my job, but it took my mind off of the looming calendar date coming up on Saturday.  Being busy is good.  Being busy lets my strengths shine and being busy means I get to feel like myself again.

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