Gone but not forgotten – Gargleblaster


I don’t see her the way I used to,

but every so often she is a shape in the clouds,

she is two leaves forming a pattern

or she is the warm air that lulls me into sleep.

Gone, but not forgotten.



This is my first submission for the Gargleblaster challenge.

Gargleblaster: this week’s ultimate question

Is everyone recovered from last week’s gargleblaster binge? Fabulous! Take a deep breath and get ready for the next round. This week’s ultimate question was provided by yeah write editor Michelle, who found it on page 42 of Broken Magic by author and yeah write alum Eric Sipple:

Do you see her much?

Let’s see how you answer this question in 42 words. Be creative!

40 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten – Gargleblaster

  1. I liked this. You made a heartbreaking thought beautiful. The tone of the voice is hopeful now, as he sees her in a different way than he used to… Nicely done! 🙂

  2. I love the image of the two leaves, and the idea of catching unexpected glimpses. Lovely, really. Sorry about the badge confusion – I keep trying to come up with ways to make it easier. It helps when I don’t mess up the link-up… 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  3. Lovely. I, just this minute, wrapped my little girl in my mother’s purple blanket and told her it was a warm hug from her Grandma (who died last August).

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