Cue the music – Daily Prompt


The Daily Prompt got my wheels spinning (or records, as we used to call them).  The idea posed was this: “Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.” 

Monday, ah Monday…..drag myself from under the comfort of my duvet to dutifully arrive at my job.

Romantic Monday gave me a much-needed pick-me-up and I moved on into Tuesday and Wednesday with a mission to write more of my book.  (Thanks Sage, for the encouragement)

As the week progressed, Mother Nature seemed to be rid of her mood swings and the temperature started to climb.  The sun shone and I could feel spring lurking around the corner.

Yesterday was a bit of a reflective day as I thought about losing my dad seven years ago.  I soaked up some sun on my deck and felt the vibrations of his presence.  Since he loved the Beach Boys, this song seemed appropriate if I listen to the lyrics differently and hear them from a father about his daughter.

And as I am sitting in my office on a Sunday, the only song that can accurately project my mood is this:

14 thoughts on “Cue the music – Daily Prompt

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  3. I absolutely love music and (seriously) couldn’t live without it! This is a great post and gave me something to rock to this morning 😉 I haven’t heard the last song before, it’s brilliant! 😀

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