Puppy love


For all intents and purposes, my dog is my child.  She has been in my life for 5 1/2 years and has completely wrapped herself in my heart-strings.  Decisions I make are based on what would be best for her and how my decisions will affect her.  Since my divorce, I have not spent a night away from her – until last night.  I went to the city for a work function and left her at home.  My neighbor graciously agreed to come and tend to her needs but it was difficult leaving her behind.

I can only imagine how a parent feels leaving their child with a babysitter for the first time.  The feeling of anxiety was overwhelming as I drove out of my driveway.  My intuition assured me she would be fine, but my guilt kept prodding at that intuition and the inner struggle was awful.

The Guest Appreciation night was a great success, but several times during the evening I felt the pang of regret knowing she was home alone.  I’m sure she slept the whole time and enjoyed having the bed to herself but I could not disregard the fleeting moments that my brain was distracted by thoughts of my furry friend.  As I write this, I find it a little odd that my connection with my puppy dog is that strong but she has been my friend and confidant through many tumultuous times and I would be lost without her.

I awoke at 6:30 this morning and, as I always do, called her name.  When my bloodshot eyes focused on my surroundings I realized that I was in a hotel two hours away and I missed her.  Had I not been giving a ride home to two of my coworkers, I would have hastily thrown on my clothes and driven home at that moment.


All is right in my world again.  I arrived home to her welcoming smile and an exuberant greeting and we have assumed our usual positions – me on the couch with my laptop and Callaway curled in a ball at my feet.

Do your pets have the same hold on you?  Or am I slowly going crazy?