Only You – Romantic Monday


Technically it is still Sunday, but Romantic Monday has captured me again!  Thank you Edward Hotspur for encouraging us to pour our hearts out.


Only you can make my heart skip a beat with one look.  You see me like no other person ever will because you don’t look at me, you look into me.  You see my beauty beyond the boundaries of flesh.  You see my soul.  You see the love and happiness that I hold close, but you also see the pain and heartache that balances me.

Only you can light my skin on fire with a single touch.  A simple gesture, a hand gently tracing my cheek and my body warms to your touch.  Your lips barely graze mine but I feel a slight quiver sensing the emotion of that moment.  I know the passion that lurks behind that kiss.

Only you make me want to dream of the impossible because everything seems attainable with you by my side.  There is no limit to imagination.  There is only you, encouraging my dreams and wanting to be a part of them.  You understand when I hear whispers in the wind.  You enjoy my child-like excitement when I discover new stories in my head and you appreciate that I have to put them to paper as soon as I have them.

Only you know my need to be accepted for who I am and not who people want me to be.  You encourage me to be an individual and embrace the quirks that have created the person I have become.  You appreciate that I feel like a Raggedy-Ann in a Barbie Doll world, but you would rather be Raggedy-Andy than Ken any day of the week.

Only you are the part of me I didn’t know I was missing.  It will always be only you.

If only I knew where to find you.

Cue the music – Daily Prompt


The Daily Prompt got my wheels spinning (or records, as we used to call them).  The idea posed was this: “Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.” 

Monday, ah Monday…..drag myself from under the comfort of my duvet to dutifully arrive at my job.

Romantic Monday gave me a much-needed pick-me-up and I moved on into Tuesday and Wednesday with a mission to write more of my book.  (Thanks Sage, for the encouragement)

As the week progressed, Mother Nature seemed to be rid of her mood swings and the temperature started to climb.  The sun shone and I could feel spring lurking around the corner.

Yesterday was a bit of a reflective day as I thought about losing my dad seven years ago.  I soaked up some sun on my deck and felt the vibrations of his presence.  Since he loved the Beach Boys, this song seemed appropriate if I listen to the lyrics differently and hear them from a father about his daughter.

And as I am sitting in my office on a Sunday, the only song that can accurately project my mood is this:

Varying degrees of interpretation


I love blogging. It allows me to truly be myself, to express words and feelings that come to mind without having to think about them. Stories that would be otherwise untold rise to the surface and hurtle themselves at the page through my fingertips.

When I jumped into this creative ocean, I had no idea what to expect and absolutely no realization that I would cast myself into a sea of churning drops of water that, although they combine to create a large body of water, each possess qualities that make them truly unique.  The vast array of blogs that I read allows me to look at the world through different eyes and see things in a way that may have escaped my attention.  They create a path for me to follow through a portal into an inspired world that I may never have found on my own.


(image courtesy of

The Trifecta Challenges embody these varying degrees of interpretation.  A great number of bloggers are given the same challenge and no two entries are similar in any respect, apart from following the rules for submitting posts.  Each writer is struck by a lightning bolt of creativity but that bolt is generated from a completely exclusive storm and the raindrops of ideas saturate only their mind.

When I post an idea I look forward to the comments I receive.  Initially I would have child-like reaction if a comment held an opposing view, but I have come to appreciate being able to see my thoughts from another perspective.  Each comment is like a golden pin of light shining through the words, altering the original picture and making me look at my own thoughts in a different way.

This blogging journey has expanded my mind, not only in my writing but also my ability to ingest words from other writers and see the world through their eyes.  And whether their world is dripping in sarcasm, prolific with poetry or fraught with haunting truths I enjoy being a part of their journey as well as having them be a part of my literary pilgrimage.

How has blogging changed your world?