Ho-ho-holy crap, it’s that time of year again!


With the holiday season rapidly encroaching on an otherwise boring fall, it brings to mind all of my favorite holiday movies.  The familiar faces and witty vernacular that are deeply ingrained in my brain will be gracing the television screens once again.  There are a select few that are must-sees for me every year – certain stories that define my holiday experience.

Holidays, for me, are about tradition and part of my tradition revolves around curling up on the couch and indulging my penchant for movies that truly capture the essence of Christmas.   Whether they are steeped in family values, or bordering on the insane, they nonetheless reflect the true meaning of what the holiday season is meant to represent.

With Christmas a mere 41 days away, I have already begun scanning the satellite channels for the first glimpse of those timeless treasures that will shape my season of festivities.  The first on the list is always A Christmas Story.  I can’t seem to help myself.  It has truly become the staple of my Christmas holidays and a custom I hope to carry into my future.  (I bought the DVD, just in case the powers-that-be decide to take it off the air)

Other classics like Elf and Christmas Vacation play their role in my holiday bliss as well and Christmas Eve would never be the same if I didn’t watch The Sound of Music with my mom.  Although it cannot be defined as a holiday movie, it is the most important tradition of my holiday season.

My tree will soon be trimmed, the lights will be twinkling in my darkened living room and the wreath will once again find its place on my door.  A variety of Santa Claus likenesses will take their assigned spots in anticipation of having a front row seat to watch the holiday classics with me.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

What are your holiday “must watch” movies?