There are not many mornings that happened so many years ago that I can remember with such crystal clarity, but September 11, 2001 is certainly one of those days.  If I close my eyes I can see what I was wearing to work that day as I lay on the office floor watching the horrific events of that day unfold.  Even from our homes and offices north of the U.S. border, we all felt stripped of the safety in which we had become so accustomed. The world most definitely changed that day.

Horrors I can only imagine happened to so many people and took so many lives.  In those days and nights that followed, during times of grieving or times of uncertainty, not knowing the fate of so many trapped in a nightmare, there was a sliver of light.  A bright beam of humanity kept glowing light through the darkness of terrorism.  Strangers became saviors, neighbors became friends and the hearts of the world ached for those afflicted with so much pain.  Thousands of hands reached out to help and to salvage some faith in the goodness of people.

Although darkness lurks in the shadows of reality, I like to look for the light.  When tragedy happens, I try to see the goodness in the people who rush to help.  On that fateful day in September 2011, amidst the darkness and chaos, that light never failed to shine.

My prayers go out to all of the families and friends who lost loved ones.  I can only hope you can still see their lights shining.

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