Just one of the guys


The last time I checked, I still have all of the parts of the female anatomy I was blessed with at birth but being a woman never guaranteed that I would be feminine.  Sure, there are moments when I can fool people into believing I am a lady but, thankfully for me, those needed moments are few and far between.


(photo credit: frumanista.blogspot.com)

I grew up a tomboy and it is a trait I never outgrew.   I enjoy hanging out with the boys – it’s my comfort zone because I don’t ever feel like I’m trying to fit in, to be something I’m not.  Somehow, I just belong and I like it that way.

My rounds of golf usually include 3 guys – and me, poker nights are usually 7 guys – and me.  During dinners or parties I generally gravitate towards the cloud of testosterone in the room and don’t ever feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.  It’s just my nature to be one of the boys.

I also enjoy time with my girlfriends, but those girlfriends, like me, are not as concerned with fashion and make up.  Not one in the bunch of us are girly-girls.  While we appreciate those Über-feminine women for their stylish and fashion-forward choices, we are not wired to think the same way.  If I had to wear any sort of spiked heel I would resemble the video below.


I will never regret being the way I am.  I embrace my tomboyish charm and the fact that I can blend in so easily with my guy friends.  If you can’t reach me on a Sunday it’s because I’m in front of an NFL game releasing expletives similar to a missile-like battalion of bees shooting out from an angry hive.

Ask me to put on make-up and high heels and I will break out in a cold sweat – ask me to grab the pigskin and throw a perfect spiral, I’m in!!