Love Actually ~ Valentine edition


I have never been a big fan and I was getting ready to write my rant about Valentine’s Day. Something in the back of my mind urged me to revisit the post I wrote last year and I’m glad I did. It reminded me of the epiphany I had last year and quelled the desire to spew anything negative about the day of love. I hope you take a moment to read the ‘A-ha’ moment I had last Valentine’s Day.

Happy hearts and flowers day on Friday!!

polysyllabic profundities

There seems to be a common theme throughout the blogosphere surrounding the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  And until I re-read my thoughts and deleted the 500 +  words I had written on the subject of the commercialism of the day I would have written an entire post about the monetary veil that looms over this auspicious holiday.  But something changed.  The words I had composed left a bitter taste in my mouth and what I had written felt inappropriate in relation to the manifestation of my tumultuous emotions.


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Don’t get me wrong…..I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I, like so many of you, don’t believe in the hype of all the industry propagation that surrounds it.  Candy manufacturers and card makers jump at the chance to cover their windows with hearts and arrows to remind people to spend, spend, spend for their loved ones and money is…

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5 thoughts on “Love Actually ~ Valentine edition

  1. Valentines Day is a nice thought, but it’s also a money spinner like Easter (I started seeing Easter Eggs in the shops about a week ago!) 😉 Good grief – when is Easter?

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