Everlasting – Trifextra challenge


Souls met across time

Bonded by their destiny

Love follows its fate


(image credit: deviantart.com)

Written for the weekend Trifecta Challenge:  This weekend’s prompt comes from Hello, Cheney, whose lapse in memory was a
happy accident for us.  This weekend we’re asking you to harken back to your
grade school days and write a haiku.  No word restrictions, just stick to the
structure as defined below.  And check out Cheney’s turkey post
for an example.


: an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines
containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively

14 thoughts on “Everlasting – Trifextra challenge

  1. Reminds me of how Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy ends, with the two young lovers sitting on the same park bench, at the same moment, albeit in different dimensions of time. I have always been touched by that ending. Loved your haiku.
    P.S. sorry for babbling like an idiot last weekend in my comment. I have come to be aware that it wasn’t your son reading your bedtime poem. I still really liked your poem and am still glad that it was used in such a wonderful way. I’ll stop talking now. 🙂

  2. Is it not odd, post
    reading a Zen Haiku, we
    write so many words?

    Is Highest praise not
    shown by reflecting the words
    like ripples in pond?

    The Heart smiles, gives thanks
    for reminding self of things
    we already know.

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