Everlasting – Trifextra challenge


Souls met across time

Bonded by their destiny

Love follows its fate


(image credit: deviantart.com)

Written for the weekend Trifecta Challenge:  This weekend’s prompt comes from Hello, Cheney, whose lapse in memory was a
happy accident for us.  This weekend we’re asking you to harken back to your
grade school days and write a haiku.  No word restrictions, just stick to the
structure as defined below.  And check out Cheney’s turkey post
for an example.


: an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines
containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively

The lazy, hazy days of summer


The first of September is tomorrow which can only signify one thing – summer is coming to a close and the long weekend has arrived.  I find sad irony in the term long weekend – the only people who truly find it long are the people who work on those weekends.  For the people who reap the benefit of being able to enjoy that three-day holiday, the time sails by and the weekend seems much shorter than it should.

I am one of those people who works the whole weekend, but at the end of that three-day craziness lies the light at the end of my sanity tunnel.  The days that travel by in a whirlwind slow their pace and I can reconnect with the long-lost principle of spare time.   The thing I honestly miss the most are the hours that are set aside for writing and reading blogs.  I feel a part of me has been missing and I feel a strained connection with my blogging friends.

In a few short days (who’s counting?  Oh, right….I am) I will be able to snuggle up on the couch, wine in hand, and lose myself in the words that have eluded me over the past few months.  I miss the humor, I miss the satire and I just miss the words.

I apologize to all of you who are enjoying your long weekend, but bring on Tuesday!!