The lazy, hazy days of summer


The first of September is tomorrow which can only signify one thing – summer is coming to a close and the long weekend has arrived.  I find sad irony in the term long weekend – the only people who truly find it long are the people who work on those weekends.  For the people who reap the benefit of being able to enjoy that three-day holiday, the time sails by and the weekend seems much shorter than it should.

I am one of those people who works the whole weekend, but at the end of that three-day craziness lies the light at the end of my sanity tunnel.  The days that travel by in a whirlwind slow their pace and I can reconnect with the long-lost principle of spare time.   The thing I honestly miss the most are the hours that are set aside for writing and reading blogs.  I feel a part of me has been missing and I feel a strained connection with my blogging friends.

In a few short days (who’s counting?  Oh, right….I am) I will be able to snuggle up on the couch, wine in hand, and lose myself in the words that have eluded me over the past few months.  I miss the humor, I miss the satire and I just miss the words.

I apologize to all of you who are enjoying your long weekend, but bring on Tuesday!!

3 thoughts on “The lazy, hazy days of summer

  1. This weekend feels like the beginning of the longest trip imaginable. As a teacher, I have summers off which is great for refueling myself and my passions. Just this summer, I discovered the amazing world of blogging. As you wait for Tuesday so that you can finally read and write, I hope the weekend goes slowly because when Tuesday hits I probably won’t be able to find time for reading or writing. Instead, I will be busy (hopefully) shaping young minds to become what the future so desperately needs. Enjoy your week days off and wish me luck because I won’t see the light till June.

    • I love the way you wrote “shaping young minds to become what the future so desperately needs”. I do wish you the best of luck… sound like your heart is in the right place. And I will wish my weekend to slow down so you can savor your last bit of sanity.

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