Laugh from your toes


Life has the capacity to throw us a lot of curve balls and present us with a multitude of precipitous obstacles.  Sadly, many of our emotions are born of frustration, angst and anger. But there are rare glimpses into something wonderful. A moment that begins with a smile, turns into a giggle and takes over our body, doubling us over with infectious laughter.  Our cheeks burn with crimson, our eyes well and tears stream down our face, but we can’t seem to stop that ‘roll in the aisles’ guffaw.

Minutes go by that we are hunched over, clutching our ribs.  We give every effort to try to catch our breath, but our uncontrollable laughter makes us laugh even more, sometimes forgetting what we were in stitches about in the first place.  Now we are laughing at ourselves for laughing so hard.  Our ribs now burn, our muscles contract, our face is saturated with saline and we can hardly catch our breath.  Those around us who have not been privy to the initial joke find themselves laughing along with us because the sense of joy is all-consuming.

These are moments to be cherished.  They don’t come along as often as they should for most people, but if we have the chance to lose ourselves in laughter, we shouldn’t let that moment pass us by.  We need to learn to let ourselves go and enjoy that feeling of utter helplessness as we laugh ourselves silly.  A laugh, not just a giggle, but a good belly laugh that comes from our toes is some of the best and most affordable medicine!!

We may not remember what we were laughing at, but we will remember the feeling of escape and utter happiness and ultimately crave that feeling again.

When was the last time you had a full breakdown of side-splitting laughter?

7 thoughts on “Laugh from your toes

  1. Just a few days ago, and it begs explaining. My husband and I were laid out on the couches like two little children giggling about naughty words! Why? Well, Nigella Lawson, of course! Who? She’s the sultry, voluptuous English food program presenter who could make the most banal recipe sound like an invitation to a bordello (no offense intended!). She bats her long eyelids at the camera while glancing sideways from dark, sultry eyes and purring in a deep, come-hither voice about loving the “oozing chocolate pots” or the feel of silky pastry” on her hands. We had just commented on the effect she must have on male viewers when she held up a wooden spoon and in her most sultry voice said “…and for that, I have my trusty thwacker.” We simply roared with laughter, fighting for breath and bursting out whenever one of us looked at the other. Yes, it was extremely silly, but it was glorious!

    • I love those moments!! And it sounds like that show would have sent me into the same gales of laughter. I saw a short video on Anderson Cooper last night showing an excerpt from the “50 Shades of Chicken” cookbook…..I almost had one of those moments!!

  2. My last big laugh from the toes was last night when hubby and I were putting in the new dishwasher. He had to take the S drain out under the sink and it was full of muck and he told me to tip it out and I did – he was under the sink and and it went all over his head (I’m glad he saw the funny side of it!) 😀

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