How long do I have before the commerical cuts me off?


My new friend TwinDaddy over at Stuph Blog has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award – thank you for that!!  And be sure to check out his site – the guy is seriously funny!!  (and potentially doesn’t love oxymorons as much as I do!!)

The idea is to tell 11 things about yourself (super, nothing like revealing things well hidden), answer 11 questions posed by the person that nominated you (even worse, considering his sense of humor) and nominate other bloggers for the award.

So….some things about me, in no particular order (and don’t count, I will be short of eleven) – I would not survive a day without the aromatic scent and sensual taste of Hazelnut Vanilla coffee.  I would feel like I had lost an appendage if something happened to my dog.  I still have the Winnie The Pooh my mom gave me for my first birthday.  In 2011, I lost 50 pounds and have been able to keep it off.  My dream job was to be a journalist.  I’m going to finish my novel if it kills me.

His questions are as follows:

1) If you could live on any planet in that galaxy far, far away, which would it be?  After a very brief bit of research, and I’m talking 5 minutes, I would choose Tatooine for two reasons.  It slightly resembles my nickname (Tooie) and the name roughly translates into “the eyes”, and eyes never lie.

2) What is your favorite flavor Hot Pocket?  Channing Tatum in tight jeans…..or did I misunderstand the question?

3) What does an ideal day consist of for you? I wake up to the smile of my dogdrink an over-abundance of coffee, try to keep my hands from trembling from caffeine overdose, make it through my day job so I can come home and read the brilliant posts by my fellow bloggers, and I write.  Oh, and I curl two nights a week and love it.

4) You find the Stormtrooper armor sexy, don’t you?   It has permeated my dreams and I’m currently seeking therapy.

5) Kirk or Picard?  I just…..can’t…….answer……..that……….question……without……. thinking…………of……..Kirk.  (come on, if you ever watched it, you know that’s what he sounded like)

6) If I were to say, “Watch out, hot buns coming through!”, which type of buns would I be referring to?  The first thing that comes to mind is Princess Leia and the ridiculous “hair buns” on her head.  You love her, I know you do.  She makes your light saber twitch.

7) Who is your favorite comic book character?  I loved Betty from the Archie comics.  She was the girl that everyone could hang out with and she wasn’t obsessed with her looks.

8) What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen? There are several that I couldn’t watch to the end, and generally I give movies the benefit of the doubt and hope they get better.  Apparently I’ve blocked out the names of the truly horrible….

9) Android, iPhone or Windows Phone? I’m having a relationship with my iPhone….is that wrong?

10) What the hell did you do that for?   I thought you said it would change my life…..foiled again!!

11) Why do you keep coming back to torment yourself with my inane writings?  Is inane a synonym for brilliant or hysterical?  ‘Cause if it is….that is a stupid question.

So….now to nominate other “dear” bloggers (Liebster means dearest in German) for this fun award.  I have no drumroll…

Change for a Year


Girl of The Corn

Homesick and Heartstruck

Cobbled Toolbox 

A Word in Your Ear

All of these people write from the heart and/or share the dearest part of their lives through their photography.

Now….11 questions for them to ponder for a while.

1) What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life?

2) Who inspires you the most?

3) How would you share your talent if you couldn’t blog?

4) Do you think you can make genuine friends over the internet, even if you never meet face to face?

5) What is your favorite line from a novel or poem, and why?

6) If you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you choose?

7) How often do you curse?

8) Have you ever clicked “like” on a blog without actually reading the whole thing?

9) If you had to choose between only ever having television or music, which would you choose?

10) Do you regret anything you’ve done in your life, and would you go back to change it?

11) Do you believe in reincarnation?

Phew…..that was very taxing on my poor over-worked brain.  Now to relax with a glass of wine and try to get creative once again!!

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