Everyone is an artist – 100 Word Song



Like a charcoal sketch,

I see myself outlined his eyes,

I see my silhouette as he sees me.

So vastly different

from my reflection in the mirror.

But I follow deep into the abyss,

into the portrait he has created of me.

I follow those lines,

to try to see what he sees.

In my mind I trace the outline

following each stroke of the pencil.

And I journey

as deep as I can go,

swimming in his reality of me,

truly understanding how he sees me.

I may have changed  a few lines,

but to him I am perfection.


Written for the 100 Word Song Challenge at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  This week’s song is Deep As You Go, by October Project.

Go and check it out if you haven’t been there!!

15 thoughts on “Everyone is an artist – 100 Word Song

  1. This is beautiful, Susan. I like the drowning/swimming theme throughout and trying to see what someone else does (don’t we usually see ourselves differently- less forgiving- than others do?) Great last line!

  2. Your interpretation makes me feel like I’m reading something intimate, something I shouldn’t. I love those opening 4 lines.

    well done

  3. “I see myself outlined in his eyes….into the portrait he has created of me”—such exquisitely beautiful lines. They evoke images of deeply unconditional love. (And great picture to go with the post, too!)

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