Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt


I haven’t been writing much lately.  Whether that is a matter of dried wells of creativity or life getting in the way, I have been denying the reality when it comes to my lack of imagination.

calvin n hobbes

I wish, with every fiber of my being, that I could plunge back into that benevolent ocean of words and ideas and feel buoyant in those familiar waters.  I wish I could ride on the waves of imagery and fantasy and surf on the crest of that elusive swell of inspiration.  But lately the words evade me.  I am a helpless surfer sitting in the middle of a tranquil body of water with no tides to move my motionless board.

I need a storm in my brain to strike and gain some momentum.  I need the winds to tickle the chimes in my stagnant imagination and create a funnel cloud that gathers stories in its fury-filled path.  I need that still ocean to become animated and my lifeless board to carve its way through a sea of new tales.

Or maybe, I just need to write.

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23 thoughts on “Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt

  1. Funny that I just recently changed my profile picture on Facebook to this Calvin quote. I find that if I just take the time, even if only a half an hour, to just sit, the words will come. You may not like them once they’re down, but you’ll have something to grow on.

  2. You have a nice imagination. It just needs recharged every so often, just like everything. Take short breaks, or just write nonsense. That’s what I do most of the time!

  3. Pardon my French, but this descriptive passage was a hell of a good start. Sometimes we need the calm to prepare for the storm, and judging by this post the storm front of creativity is already gathering. Trust yourself. You’re a writer, Susan. Plain and simple. And always will be, regardless of the “weather.” 😉

  4. This passage of words swept me away, Susan. I don’t think you’ve lost your mojo at all! Sometimes our muses take short vacations and then come back with a big bang 😀

  5. I can sympathize with this all-too-well right now. Today was the first time I had written anything in a month. I had not even logged into wordpress for a longtime before today. And really the only thing that prevented me, I know, was a simple lack of motivation. I had the time, I was just uninspired and consequently too lazy to write. And I think the longer I go without writing… the easier it is to keep putting it off. I guess the writing doldrums are all solved with that old cliche: “just keep writing.”

    I must say, though, if this post is your example of your writing during the off-period, I am quite jealous.

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