A Dog May Bark, But the Train Keeps Moving


There are sayings that have been around for centuries, and when you hear them, they may make absolutely no sense whatsoever – until you delve into the meaning behind them.

Everyone must live the life they want to lead.  Although we must all take heed of the laws that govern us, we must nonetheless march to the beat of our own drummer and do what is right for us. Our life train gains speed the more decisions we make that allow us to follow the track that we have set for ourselves.  But there are always those naysayers that will agree to disagree and never concede to our ideals.

They are the proverbial dogs that are barking at our train as it roars along on its path.  But our train will keep moving.  One small voice, or one bark, cannot change the momentum of a speeding freight train. As our locomotive barrels along its intended path, the voices of the barking dogs recede and get lost in the din of metal on metal.

Those dogs will always continue to bark as the train passes, but the strength in that one bark has no consequence on our journey.  Our train will continue to roll on and quell the growl of the hounds nipping at our heels.

The more we believe in the direction that our speeding locomotive is taking us, the quieter those barking dogs become until we cannot hear them at all.   Believe in the path you are taking.  Let that train follow on the track you have set and don’t let one small dog’s bark or one voice derail the itinerary of your life.

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