The Watchers


As I child I would lie in the grass for hours, watching the clouds and their ever-changing patterns to see what images I could find in each collection of vapor that passed by.  It is still something I love to do, but sadly I don’t get to do it very often anymore.

Recently I have begun to notice patterns in the snow, especially the patterns created as that snow clings desperately to the bark of the trees.  The position of the snow and the melted remnants of snow around it created what I saw as a panda bear feeding himself.


This is the image I saw this morning.  The snow pattern on the left made me think of Santa Claus.  It wasn’t until I looked more closely adding the image to this post that I saw the face on the right of what may be a youthful member of the chimpanzee family clinging to the tree.


If this was my Rorschach Test, I hope I passed!!  Do you see what I did, or do you see something entirely different?

45 thoughts on “The Watchers

  1. I saw the panda feeding himself in the first picture, but neither Santa or a chimp in the second picture. I did see a raccoon in the tree on the left in the second picture.

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