Losing sight of what is important


For all intents and purposes, I am a still somewhat of a virgin in the blogging world.  I started this journey in August and have been doing my best to stay true to what really means something to me.  But as it is in many cases, I felt somewhat lost along the way.  I spent a great portion of my time watching the stats on my blog instead of focusing on what was truly important – the honesty and sense of self in the words that I write.

I began this journey because of a deep yearning to free the ideas in my mind, to let loose the writing demon that was trapped in the confines of my cranial matter.  I spent my days off this past weekend utterly disconnected from the outside world.  I turned off my phone, ignored my television, refrained from playing any music and just lived in the silence.  And within that silence, I found my inner voice.  I connected with what it was that brought me to the blog world in the first place – the love of writing.  I finally allowed myself the chance to be what I desperately yearned to be – a writer.  Although there was no looming deadline and no urgency to put ideas on a page, I fervently followed a passion that has recently been rekindled.  I conceded to the power of the words so desperately trying to form themselves into ideas and let them paint the landscapes of my prose.

For me, watching the stats on my blog almost made me forget why I began this journey in the first place.  I don’t write for anybody other than myself.  That may sound like an extremely selfish statement, but it is based in pure truth.  I write because I want to, not because I feel pressured to write.  The fact that other people enjoy what I write makes me utterly ecstatic and urges me to continue along that path of creativity.  Throughout this journey I have met a great many people who not only share the same passion, but who are becoming friends in the process.  They are people who have found a forum to let their inner voices escape and meet in a place where they are not only accepted, but adored and applauded.

Losing sight of what is important to me may have momentarily altered my bigger picture, but spending a day listening to the writer in me brought me back to reality.  It refocused my yearning to write, if for nothing else, than to put words to a page and to connect with others who can translate my voice into their own words.

I had the rare opportunity to regain my vision and recapture what holds a true place in my heart.  My writing is my passion and I will never lose sight of that again.  The otters in the video below remind me that it is not about the people who are watching, it really is about getting back to the things that are truly important to us and forgetting what is happening in the world around us.  It is holding true to the things we value the most.

25 thoughts on “Losing sight of what is important

  1. I love otters…always have. Ironically, I just wrote a post yesterday to publish tomorrow and the image I used is two otters holding hands. While my husband and I lived with an ocean apart for a year and a half, we would send the image back and forth to each other. Otters hold hands while they sleep so they never drift apart. 🙂 Great post! I really enjoy your writing. Keep it coming!

  2. Apparently the Otters do that to stop drifting apart, obviously more suited to the Ocean, it is cool though especially when they do drift and then connect again.

    I think with your blog you should only ever really write for yourself, I remember with my livejournal account I ended up writing stuff that I thought others would want to read and that was the beginning of the end there.

    In saying that I have no real direction here, at the moment I have no idea what I want to say.

  3. I noticed that once I started to pay too much attention to stats I got sorta obsessed with posting things people may like. Ironically, if I got the hits I got is because people likes the randomness of my posts.
    I’m a new follower of your blog, but I like your style, I think you have nothing to worry about.
    Otters are one of the cutest animals!

  4. I think there’s something wrong with me that I don’t check my stats that often.
    You have a great voice, and a great way of expressing it. It seems like that’s what draws readers, and your personality (and more of your voice) keeps them.

    Also, getting caught up in blogging – writing, reading, commenting – has to be the highest lament I’ve seen for people losing track of their own writing.
    Hope you get back to it…

  5. I had to go over and check my stats when I read this because it’s something I rarely do – they really don’t mean much to me (and I don’t understand them!) LOL

    I love what you write on your blog – keep it up 😉

    The otters are absolutely adorable! 😀

  6. I don’t get out into other people’s blogs that much, unfortunately, because I only get on for a short time, but I otter come look at yours more often. You have such beautiful scenery and imagery, and that’s just your words – your pictures are amazing too. Thanks for all you write~!

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