Held Captive – Trifecta challenge


This is my entry for the Trifecta Challenge, which is this:  For the weekend challenge we’re asking for exactly thirty-three words written in first person narrative. Have fun with it and we’ll meet you back here on 3/3! 

(image courtesy of Google)


I am afraid.  Not of being alone, or of being sick, but afraid my words will not adequately express my thoughts.  I am afraid my brain will betray me.  I am its captive.

45 thoughts on “Held Captive – Trifecta challenge

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  2. There are no words to express how much I love this. Perfection and how I feel. Exactly. Are you sure you are not me?

  3. I see all that I am. Not good, not bad, I don’t judge, I accept and embrace all of me. I’m happy when I’m sad and I trust all of my beautiful emotions.

  4. I really like this-its so true.I feel the same -in fact I have always had the fear that I use too many words but it expresses too little.This is so well expressed,great job in 33 words:-)

  5. Susan, we have it seems, all been here – we struggle at times with what we want to place on a page, we say too much or not enough, the dilemma of being a writer I’m afraid. As Ned said your brain did not betray you with how you expressed your emotions in 33 words. 🙂

  6. I second-guess myself like this every time. I guess I’m one of your fellow captives. Love this piece (:

  7. I had the same take as Lumdog did! I never want to be trapped within my own body by a stroke or Alzheimers. To be aware but unable to express would be pure torture.
    What an amazing take on this prompt!

  8. I definitely read this as someone slowly losing motor function, becoming trapped in their mind as their body shut down, losing the ability to speak. It made the piece even more frightening.

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