The start of my writing journey – thanks Mr. S.!!


Today’s Daily Prompt is – Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

There are always teacher’s that will stand out in my mind for various reasons.  My Grade 9 Geography teacher spoke in such a monotone voice, I almost failed the class because I could not train my mind to pay attention.  But the one teacher that will always stand out as the person who helped to create the person I am today is my Grade 6 teacher, Mr. Stimson.  He truly loved his students and it showed in his teaching.  His lessons were not all taught in the classroom and did not entirely come from a syllabus.

We learned to be respectful, we learned how to survive outdoors during his Wednesday cookouts and we learned how to be decent human beings.  We learned that learning was fun.  His class was our first real introduction to creative writing and I never looked back.  Several years ago, after a very lengthy teaching career, he retired.  I know many people of all ages who had the pleasure of being in his class and every single one of them refer to him as their favorite teacher.   Upon his retirement, I wrote this poem for him.  Thanks Mr. S!!


Words of Inspiration

He stood at the front of the classroom, a smile upon his lips,

A comical expression on his merry face, hands upon his hips.

He led us through his rhyming lesson, many not paying attention,

But something he said piqued my interest and I delved into a creation.

A whirlwind of thoughts flew through my mind, eager to be set free.

Nobody knew before this moment, that there lurked a poet in me.

Words and phrases I’d never known, spoke music in my ear,

Expressing my feelings in a rhyming prose, and this I did not fear.

He encouraged us to be individuals, to learn, to absorb, to think,

And when we achieved these remarkable heights, he’d always be “tickled pink”.

He is the epitome of teachers, a leader to some and a friend in many ways,

And for his attention and encouragement, I wish to give him praise.

His words of inspiration, helped me to reach inside my heart,

To find out what I hold inside, that tells me and others apart.

I have a special gift, a creative flair, that is very much my own,

But without his help, his caring words, it’s something I’d never have known.

34 thoughts on “The start of my writing journey – thanks Mr. S.!!

  1. Beautiful tribute! I had three wonderful writing teachers in college that continue to have an effect on my writing today. A teacher’s influence can be profound. Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem!

  2. It speaks volumes about his influence and impact that you not only kept in contact enough to know when he was retiring but that you would write such a poem for the occasion. I don’t have a single teacher that I’ve kept in contact with over the years… most were forgotten the moment I was set free from their class.

  3. My High School English teacher was the first person outside of my family to take me seriously as a writer, and always encouraged me to write. I skipped school one day, got caught and had inhouse suspension for a few days. This teacher was the supervisor of the suspension. After I’d do my school work for the day, I’d write stories and bring them up to him to read, and he actually would read them and share his thoughts lmao He was awesome.

  4. I can still remember Mrs. Fillers, who had a huge influence on me my freshman year of high school, when she flunked me for College Prep English. It was the first (and last) “F” I ever got in English/Writing. I came to her, devastated, and she told me talent is a waste if you don’t take time to learn the mechanics of what you’re doing. I was a lazy writer (I mean, in more than the normal sense) in that I was full of creativity but no discipline for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. As she told me this, she got teary and said “I know you hate me now, but if it makes you a better writer, it will be worth it. If I didn’t do what I can to help you, I would hate myself even more.” Just for the record, Mrs. Fillers, I never hated you (In fact, I kind of had a little crush on you…) and have always respected and appreciated what you did for me. It was the reality check I needed, and one I will always be grateful for. You are — and will always remain — my favorite.

  5. That’s a great tribute! Everyone should have a teacher that opens things up to them like Mr. S
    Thanks for introducing us!

    (a book? You’re writing a book?)

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