Happy Hotspur Day



In the short time I’ve been on the site, I’ve been lucky enough to create some relationships with some awesome bloggers…..and Edward Hotspur is awesomesauce….and it’s his birthday….and he loves bacon.  He is funny as shit, and we all know how funny shit can be – in a paper bag, on fire on a front porch.  He’s enigmatic, brilliant and did I mention he loves bacon?

Since our friendship is relatively new, I will simply wish him a very happy birthday and hope if you are reading this, you will make your way to his blog if you have not done so already on a therapy-worthy basis.  Happy birthday Edward!!  I baked you a cake.  🙂


31 thoughts on “Happy Hotspur Day

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  2. Cool cake, now I am in the mood for cake. Did you really bake it? Happy Birthday Hotspur! And, btw, how was your 6:30am-7:30am this morning?

    • Fairly productive actually. Did a re-read of the chapters, edits were abundant, but the characters are breathing again!

      And I didn’t bake that one, but I used to bake wedding cakes so I could rival that one and do it one better!! 🙂

      • Awesome, well done! I could lie and say I followed through, but I have to be honest, I had a prior writing obligation that held me back, however tomorrow, I will do it, I promise, maybe I’ll do 2 hours to make up for today. And I still want cake. I like to bake cookies, but I think baking wedding cakes seems kind of stressful, a lot of pressure for perfection.

      • There was more stress in the delivery. There are a lot of idiot drivers up here in the summer. I actually had to bring one home and redecorate it after some moron jammed his brakes on in front of me to look at the scenery!!

        I’m hoping to get another hour in tomorrow morning and actually do some new writing!

      • Yeah see, that would drive me nuts. I could not be a cake decorator lol. My novel is actually finished, I’m revising and planning to submit to publishers and agents, but the progress of that and writing a query and a synopsis is slow going. The blog takes a lot of time, but I love it, so it’s a worthy sacrifice. I will write tomorrow morning, I promise lol

      • If you lose me, my internet’s going nuts because it’s windy outside…anyway, people ask me what my novel is about and I never know what to say that’s too much prior to publication. They say you need a good pitch if you’re going to sell it, but I never have any idea of what to say, so maybe it will never get sold. I’m not plugging myself here, but the easiest way for me to answer is by referring you to my blog post “The Next Big Thing” which is all about my work in progress. That’s the title of the category too. You don’t need to read it, I’ll think of something if you’d rather. How about your WIP?

      • The wind here is ridiculous as well. I was petrified the power was going to go out before the cake was finished!! I will make a point of reading The Next Big Thing tomorrow….I’m going to stalk your page a little more after I catch up on the sleep I didn’t really get last night.

        I read a lot of Dean Koontz, so my WIP is a little strange. It’s more or less about a guy who has very lucid dreams in which he is inevitably a victim of some tragedy. He wakes up with the marks of what happened in his dream the previous night, and is always in some strange place and strange city when he wakes up. Hard to do it justice in so few words, but that the gist of it.

      • Damn, you’re going to be my new best friend I think. I love Dean Koontz! He’s a fantastic writer. I love how he builds and builds, and then all the shit happens in the last 1/4 of the novel (or less), yet still he’s had such tension established from the start. I know what you mean about doing a book justice in few words, that’s why I can never think how to answer that question lol. The plot sounds great though, I’m intrigued. You have your first paying reader in the queue.

      • I’ve read all of his books at least three times each. I think he is brilliant. For some reason Cold Fire and The Watchers are my favs. For the Daily Prompt Challenge about taking the first line from your favorite book – I used Cold Fire. Not sure if you read that blog – it was called The Light Beyond The Glass.

        And apparently going to bed became a non-option….I’m just reading your excerpt. 🙂

      • I’m stalking your site too. You started this on August 1st huh? Well I started mine on July 30th. And now we meet. I never read that blog, is it still there? I also haven’t read as much Koontz as you, because after hearing about him my whole life, I just picked up my first Koontz last year, Fear Nothing. Thanks for checking out my post, and I’ll be by your site frequently as well. I think maybe I’ll be the one to head off to bed now. I’m EST, don’t know where you are but we seem to be on the same schedule lmao Goodnight!

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