Don’t let the cover fool you


It is true that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Underneath that pristine leather-bound novel may be a dark and ugly story that will leave you feeling horrified.  However, that weathered book in the corner with the frayed edges may contain the most beautiful and poignant story you will ever read.

We are a social network of people who make judgements based on looks.  Not all of us are like that but the majority of people will cast an opinion based on physical appearance.  And you may not consciously form that opinion but subconsciously your mind works in mysterious ways and there is a perceived attractiveness based on the symmetry of someone’s facial features and their body type.  The fascination of the mind follows but only for those that take the time to allow that to happen.

The more we get to know someone their physical appearance seems to change.  Someone that you may not have found physically appealing becomes more interesting and seemingly more attractive the more you get to know their personality and their true character.

When you meet someone who is physically attractive you are immediately drawn to them.  But that attraction is only skin deep and someone who seemed beautiful on your first chance encounter may become less attractive if you find flaws in the caliber of their morality and emotional depth.

book cover

Let the real story of the human novel seep into your mind before you make a judgement based on the cover of the book.  Take the time to read the first few chapters of each book and give the story a chance to flourish.  The real honesty about that fable is held within those book jackets and not just what is presented on the cover.

17 thoughts on “Don’t let the cover fool you

  1. This is so true! You should never judge a book by its cover and I have discovered some of the most amazing books by not judging. I like it how you lend this maxim to people too but how apt this is for so many things in life.

  2. One of the differences about social media is that many do it without showing their faces or real names. All we know about them is what they reveal in their writing…

  3. You have given me something to think about. I wonder how judgemental am I? Do I pick up books to read based on the cover?, the title? Thanks for making me think.

  4. I had a blogger write one day that they’d never read my books because of the covers. Oh well, can’t be helped, I like to think of myself as a writer and not a designer – so it still happens with books and with people. When I meet people I mainly look into their eyes because that can tell you a lot (but not everything) 😉

  5. I know this feeling, but have never been able to articulate it as eloquently as you. I do my best not to judge books by their covers or people their looks, but I think it’s human nature. I catch myself doing it at times. I do it before I realize I’m doing it. I can force myself to open my mind at that point, but by then I’ve already done it.

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