Head in the clouds


These clouds made me happy today.  Spring may actually be here….although the forecast is snow on Saturday.  Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

Freedom of expression in the sky.

outside 010

And similar….but never the same.

outside 011

The power of positive thinking


The power of thought is amazing…..the more positive the thought, the more positive the result.  Feeding your brain with affirming thoughts allows the mind to grow and flourish, while letting your brain gnaw on the bones of negativity could have devastating results.

abundance of the mind

(image credit: walkwithin.com)

Our brain can only act and react to the energy we give to it. Unlike the information we feed into a computer, it cannot calculate results and comprehend a logical solution unless we give it the necessary tools to formulate the equation.

We need to learn how to harness the power of optimism and fuel our brains with a brazen amount of happiness and joy to achieve the desired result of success. And that success is not just a monetary gain.  Success can be defined as happiness in the home, satisfaction on the job and general good health and well-being.

Negativity and stress go hand in hand. We have all been told at one time or another to “think positive” – but do we ever really stop to absorb the meaning of those two words. If we take the time to step back and see the silver lining that dark, ominous cloud no longer holds as much power as it once did.

Positive thinking can change not only your attitude but your demeanor, how you represent yourself and how you physically carry yourself as well.  You can immediately spot a confident person in their stride, shoulders back, chin up, and know that there are no negative thoughts coursing through their mind.

A positive attitude breeds hope that things will be better.  We teach children at a young age to turn that frown upside down.  What we are embedding in their young minds is that a positive attitude will make them feel better.  So why not heed the advice we bestow on the younger generation who may not fully interpret what we are saying?

Too often we let ourselves be consumed by the obstacles life throws into our path.  We feel swallowed in the churning sea of existence.  But we have the power to make every day a day to look forward to by giving ourselves the choice to be happy.  Life may not always be exactly the way we intended it to be but focus on the good things and the rest will fall into place.  Peter Pan could make himself fly by thinking his happy thoughts.  Let yourself feel weightless by thinking those positive thoughts and put on a happy face.