Finding the colors



When sadness overwhelms us,

Mother Nature is there

to help us find beauty,


to make us stop and absorb the moment,

to find peace in memories.


to find the lining of colors

in an emotionally gray day,


and to make us see the spirits,

free in the sky,

 to feel their presence and find our smile.

The Intervention


Dear Mother Nature,

We have all been asked to write a letter to you so we can tell you how your illness is affecting us individually.  Starting off with “this is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write” would be horrifically untrue.  This is one of the simplest tasks I have been faced with throughout my 44 years on this planet.

I’m going to be blunt in this letter and not mince words. This is an intervention.  From those of us who generally feel at peace with you, we have come to you with these words of utter disgust and contempt.  The state of your mental capacity is worrisome and borderline reckless.  For the past few days, we have endured the wrath of your mood swings and succumbed to your whimsical attitude in regards to everyone around you.  This is not the being we have known you to be and the change in your behavior is more than mildly disconcerting.

Too many times over the past two months we have shamelessly ignored the warning signs, hoping that the initial symptoms would not manifest themselves into a textbook case of narcissism.  But our hopes have been crushed in the face of the evolving disease and you no longer seem to have any concern for those in the eye of your storms.

We are pleading with you to get well.  We face each day with uncertainty and would like to see you return to your balanced and seasonally charming self.  Although the outcome of an intervention is meant to severe ties if an agreement to treatment is not reached, we are not as fortunate to have that ball in our court.  We would hope that you hear our pleas and end the 24 degree swings in temperatures during a 24-hour period.

The prescription awaits and only you have the power to take those happy pills and feel well again.

With very kind regards,

Muskoka, Ontario

This just in….


In what is being referred to as a heinous crime against nature, an unknown perpetrator has assaulted the freshly awakened earth with a blanket of snow.  Investigators have a short list of suspects and a few known offenders are at the top of their watch list.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit of the F.B.I. has given their profile to local weather  teams and have asked for the public’s assistance in capturing this un-sub before any more damage is done to the pristine Spring landscape.  The blossoming lilacs and daffodils have been ruthlessly violated by the cold temperatures and the cover of white powder.  Nurseries and landscapers are on full alert and have assembled emergency response teams to assist if necessary.


(image credit:

The F.B.I.’s investigative team has predicted a second wave of the assault on Monday night and are arming their troops in preparation of the attack.  Unlike the blitz invasion on Sunday, the B.A.U. is warning residents NOT to plant and to arm their patio furniture as a safeguard against the defilement.

If you have any information in regards to the events on Sunday, May 12th, please contact Jack Frost and tell him to EFF OFF!!   More news at 11:00.  Now back to you.

Here’s to you Ms. Dickinson


The Daily Prompt got me again….POW, right in the kisser.  Here’s what they want: National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at an end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse.


Air flows in circular patterns,

over the crushed brown grass.

Blades slowly stretch from the earth,

as Spring has finally come to pass.

Trees blossom and new life grows,

reaching from outstretched limbs.

Birds crest on upward drafts,

they are the promise of summer’s warm winds.

The chill of the night air recedes,

giving way to the heat of the sun.

Mother Nature has blessed us,

Her beauty is not to be outdone.

Head in the clouds


These clouds made me happy today.  Spring may actually be here….although the forecast is snow on Saturday.  Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

Freedom of expression in the sky.

outside 010

And similar….but never the same.

outside 011

Ethereal beauty


Mother Nature can be a divine creature.  Every day she amazes us with her beauty and she presents us with images that may last for only a visual moment, but they are able to be photographed and conjured up at the click of a button.  Technology helps us hold those moments and preserve them to be enjoyed again.  These are some of the beautiful images I was presented with yesterday.  Although I was having reservations about Mother Nature’s sanity, she has restored my faith in her.

clouds 007

I love the sunlight shining from behind the clouds.

clouds 009

The sky changed so quickly in a matter of minutes.

clouds 006

Although the cold temperatures are back, the clouds look like they are on fire.

If found, please return to….


Breaking news – this just in:

Spring has been kidnapped.  Mother Nature called 9-1-1  sometime in the early hours of the morning and reported it missing.  According to her statement, she had tucked Spring in for the night and left it unattended.  When she returned to check on it this morning, she found nothing but a blanket of snow and Spring was nowhere to be found.

Forensic scientists and Crime Scene Investigators have scoured the area for any evidence related to its disappearance but currently no reports have been made regarding any leads they may have.  The CSI unit is having difficulty continuing the investigation as the blanket of snow continues to grow and cover any shred of evidence that may have existed to prove that Spring had even been there.

Neighbors that have been interviewed were positive that they had seen signs of Spring earlier the previous day.  One neighbor had stated that a group that seemed oddly out-of-place in the neighborhood had been hovering around Mother Nature’s house the previous evening.  A local Sketch Artist  was brought in and a composite drawing of the potential suspect has been released to the media.


(image courtesy of

Friends of Spring are desperate to have it return.  If you see any sign of Spring, please contact me immediately and I will share your information with the proper authorities.

The changing of the seasons


Picture 250

I have come to the long overdue conclusion that January is my least favorite month.  Although I think winter is a stunning portrait of arctic beauty, January seems to hold some sort of malice for those who live in colder climates.  Looking at the picturesque view of the snow clinging to the trees with the backdrop of a clear blue sky makes it slightly more bearable, but with that beauty in the forefront, the beast still lurks in the background.  Skies become overcast and scattered patterns of flakes stipple the grey sky.  They fall, lightly at first and in swirling random patterns, hypnotizing those in their path with their ethereal beauty.  But the flakes are unending.  They churn in the wind, they seem to multiply before they hit the ground and as the temperature drops, they are frozen to their place.  Individual patterns of  ice combine to create the tomb of winter.

camera 239

I long for the first days of Spring.  I yearn for that pungent aroma of newly awakened earth and the smell of fresh-cut grass permeating the air.  I want more than to just witness the sun rising to meet a new day, I crave the feeling of its warming embrace.  My heart aches for the days I can sit on my deck and simply watch the world grow new life.  The birds of spring return and welcome me to a new season with their cheerful songs.  Life lurks in the trees waiting to be born.  The growing buds of young leaves begin to blossom and create the enchanting garden of nature that surrounds my home, and the frogs sing me to sleep with their soulful lullabies.  And during my slumbers, the birth of spring rapidly matures and grows into summer.


Primary hues of blue and green reflect in the lake as the sun casts its glow on the rippling waves.  Everything the sun touches turns to gold.  The days are long, the heat from the sun saturates the earth and the feeling of warmth is absorbed by everything in its path of light. The summer wind bends its way through the leaves and the laughter of the trees is echoed in the breeze.  Flowers arch to meet the sun and blossom in its radiance. The world breaths life and the days are so long they seem to go on forever.  This is bliss.  Sun meets skins and kisses away the pallid color that winter left behind.  It is replenished with the deep, lovely hue of bronze.  The heat of the day seeps into the night and swells of laughter are carried on the wind.

Random 019

The warmth in the autumn days wanes and is caressed by the touch of the cool night air.  The vibrant colors of red and orange are etched into the memory of the cobalt sky as it gradually darkens and welcomes the stars.  Morning dew blankets the earth and the light of each day grows shorter.  Leaves turn to brown and wither before they perform a macabre dance of death, swirling through crisp air on their way to meet the ground.  The smell of decay penetrates the air and the trees stand naked, ready to be cloaked in their winter coats.

I truly love where I live.  I appreciate the vibrant colors that Mother Nature splashes on each blank canvas as she creates a new season.  I awake each morning to see how many new brush strokes have been added to the masterpiece that she had been so carefully painting the previous day.  While I do see the beauty in winter, I can be happy knowing February is just around the corner and the palette of colors is being replenished so the creator of each season of beauty can begin to paint us into spring.