Finding the colors



When sadness overwhelms us,

Mother Nature is there

to help us find beauty,


to make us stop and absorb the moment,

to find peace in memories.


to find the lining of colors

in an emotionally gray day,


and to make us see the spirits,

free in the sky,

 to feel their presence and find our smile.

Cloudy with a chance of winter


I was entertaining myself at work by going through all of the pictures I have stored on my phone and realized I had been hiding these awesome shots of what I love to photograph the most – clouds.

I love the wisps and the way the trees hold them in the frame.


Clouds resembling a raging forest fire.


I love, love, love the mixture of colors in these clouds.


The first thing I saw in these clouds was the yellowish face on the right.  It looks like he is trying to blow the clouds away.


And this was taken a few months ago, but I just love the texture in the sky.


Summer – Trifextra challenge


Sun kisses clouds and warms everything it touches.  Skin burns, lakes soothe and breezes quell the heat.  Laughter echoes, bonfires burn and families make memories.  I watch from inside.  I work in hospitality.

outside 013


Written for the weekend Trifecta challenge – Summer, to us, is both complicated and uncomplicated. Intricate travel itineraries and kicked-off sandals with sand still clinging to the soles. Carefree cloud-gazing days spent lying beside one body of water or another and big money spent on childcare and amusement parks. It means leaving home or coming home. This weekend we’re asking you to describe summer in your own words. Thirty-three of them exactly, of course. Good luck!

Texture in the sky


textured clouds

Scattered formations of moisture

surf their way into the rain.

creating visions of cartoon faces

and textures that wish to remain.

The enemy of wind changes their shape

and alters the look of the sky.

But the clouds dance in those glorious breezes

and embrace the purest way to fly.

The serpent


sky 015

The serpent follows the horizon,

devouring life in its path.

Only the sky and the treetops

feel the true power of its wrath.

Wildlife runs for cover,

Nature cowers in its wake.

The beast only knows hunger,

it’s searching for souls to take.

Hunger rises from within,

it feeds on the energy of life.

The sky wants to charm the beast,

but the serpent cuts like a knife.

The beast crests on the line of the trees,

mouth hungry and fueled by thirst.

Its longing for life and stolen blood

many times have been rehearsed.

Its rise and fall with the blowing wind

will follow the line of the trees.

But its ever longing hunger for life

will forever float in the breeze.

With the stroke of a brush


Mother Nature saw the blank canvas before her and reached for her brush. She used bare branches to frame the side of her masterpiece and dotted the sky with white to give the sky some depth. But she was unsatisfied with her work.

She let the bristles of her brush absorb some color and added the green of freshly awakened leaves.

clouds 031

Her emotion felt one-dimensional. The canvas felt naked and she changed the structure of her portrait to frame it in a better way. The brush strokes continued and she stepped back to look at her work in progress.

clouds 028

With genuine emotion and grace, she brought romance to the sky. Her brush stokes became more whimsical and the portrait danced and shifted before her.

clouds 042

She made the blue a deeper hue and scattered the sky with feathers of white.

clouds 040

After watching the relationship blossom between clouds and sky she felt she had created a true romance.

Ethereal beauty


Mother Nature can be a divine creature.  Every day she amazes us with her beauty and she presents us with images that may last for only a visual moment, but they are able to be photographed and conjured up at the click of a button.  Technology helps us hold those moments and preserve them to be enjoyed again.  These are some of the beautiful images I was presented with yesterday.  Although I was having reservations about Mother Nature’s sanity, she has restored my faith in her.

clouds 007

I love the sunlight shining from behind the clouds.

clouds 009

The sky changed so quickly in a matter of minutes.

clouds 006

Although the cold temperatures are back, the clouds look like they are on fire.