100 Word Song – I Saw Her Standing There


I was perusing the mystery section, nothing really grabbing my interest, when I saw her.  The library was as reticent as expected but there was an aura of absolute silence beyond the normal quiet.

She hovered amidst the Dean Koontz novels, showing no interest in one particular book.  I feigned any enthusiasm and continued down the row of books, not taking time to make contact.

She still understood me. She would have put money on the fact I would be in this section.  Even after her passing, she still knew my vices and could anticipate how I would avoid reality.


Written for the 100 word song at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  The song choice this week is “I Saw Her Standing There” by The Beatles.  My best friend passed away almost 10 years ago and I still feel her presence in the strangest places.  This prompt made me think of her.

The serpent


sky 015

The serpent follows the horizon,

devouring life in its path.

Only the sky and the treetops

feel the true power of its wrath.

Wildlife runs for cover,

Nature cowers in its wake.

The beast only knows hunger,

it’s searching for souls to take.

Hunger rises from within,

it feeds on the energy of life.

The sky wants to charm the beast,

but the serpent cuts like a knife.

The beast crests on the line of the trees,

mouth hungry and fueled by thirst.

Its longing for life and stolen blood

many times have been rehearsed.

Its rise and fall with the blowing wind

will follow the line of the trees.

But its ever longing hunger for life

will forever float in the breeze.

Stairway to Heaven – Trifextra challenge


“They said if I got closer to God, I would feel her with me.  I don’t feel her.”

She leaned in closer, “You don’t have to climb this high, she’s always with you.”


Inspired by this week’s Trifextra challenge:

For this weekend’s prompt we’re asking for exactly 33 words inspired by the following picture.  Good luck!