Summer – Trifextra challenge


Sun kisses clouds and warms everything it touches.  Skin burns, lakes soothe and breezes quell the heat.  Laughter echoes, bonfires burn and families make memories.  I watch from inside.  I work in hospitality.

outside 013


Written for the weekend Trifecta challenge – Summer, to us, is both complicated and uncomplicated. Intricate travel itineraries and kicked-off sandals with sand still clinging to the soles. Carefree cloud-gazing days spent lying beside one body of water or another and big money spent on childcare and amusement parks. It means leaving home or coming home. This weekend we’re asking you to describe summer in your own words. Thirty-three of them exactly, of course. Good luck!

31 thoughts on “Summer – Trifextra challenge

  1. wow– bittersweet. I really like how you constructed this, drawing us in with all the happiness and then you drop the bomb. I hear the envy in the last 4 words. Really great writing.


  2. I certainly hope you can find some time to go outside. It’s the least you deserve for your hard work.

    Thank you for linking up! Please be sure to return for the voting!

  3. So u get to see everyone else chilling out …all sorts of vacation…it wud be interesting to meet different people everyday…

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