The transformation of a dream


This is an admittedly strange story – but this is written more or less on a dare by The Cutter.  I was challenged to use Transformers, Guns ‘N Roses, the plight of a Philadelphia sports fan and Mr. Eko from Lost in a post, and I DO love a challenge.  Please don’t judge me on this roller coaster of imagination!


Guns ‘N Roses blasted in the background as Mr. Eko sat, head in his hands, wondering where it all went horribly wrong.  The acrid stench of  smoke still permeated his sense of smell even though the  fuselage, that was once meant for a much bigger purpose, had ceased burning long ago.  In retrospect, he realized he was much safer on the island.  The billions of dollars he had illegally transferred to fund his project had gone up in smoke when Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 met with its unanticipated fate and crashed into the deserted island on which he now found himself trapped.

The project had seemed light years beyond the technology that was available at the time.  He  had painstakingly sought funding, pilfered money from unsuspecting institutions and watched his idea grow from infancy to maturity.  It was brilliant.  Science fiction and action movies had created this phenomenon on the big screen but he was helping to make it a reality.

The design, on paper and in computer software, was flawless.  Moving parts were masked to create the facade of a passenger airliner but, underneath, the pretense of modern aviation was enhanced by robotics.  This plane would make history and alter the way humanity viewed modern travel.  Access to remote areas would become simple, mundane, and no piece of the Earth would remain untouched.  There would be no more need for extended runways and no exotic destination would be impervious to human persuasion.  Planes would become Transformers.  Spheres of rubber would never again touch the Earth’s surface.  Instead, wings would become arms, and legs would propel from metal making the plane land in an upright position on a small square of land.  Pure genius.

But, like any Philadelphia sports fan, his dream was marred with disappointment.  His Hail Mary had been thrown.  Hundreds of people had watched as the glistening ball of metal was thrown from the opponent’s thirty-yard line and failed to meet its destiny.  The plane soared through the sky, showing the promise of scoring the winning touchdown and dropped a yard short of its intended receiver.  The game was over, the robotics had failed, the plane was destroyed and he was trapped on a secluded piece of earth surrounded by an immeasurable ocean.

mr eko

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As the lyrics of Sweet Child of Mine played incessantly in the background, he finally realized the irony of the only soundtrack that remained intact after the crash.  That idea was his baby, his lineage.  And as he blatantly ignored the encroachment of his impending  death, he welcomed the final release that would come when the Smoke Monster finally found him.

Don’t hate the haters


There will always be people out there with nothing but negative energy.  They hate their job, they hate where they live and they take that bitterness into every moment of their day.  They hate us for being positive.  So why should we reciprocate and send that hate back to them for being haters?

We can’t hate the haters.  Being around negative people makes me want to be even more positive than I already am.  It’s better to be hated for who you are instead of being loved for who you are not.  Nothing annoys a hater more than your forgiveness. They seek conflict and if they don’t get it, they will just hate you more.


There is a fine balance in the world and we struggle to maintain that level with every ounce of positive energy we have.  Being around people who constantly have that dark cloud hovering over them motivates me to make a conscious effort to keep my mood light and happy.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I haven’t had moments of immense dislike within me, but I choose to rise above that venom that can penetrate the soul and find the lesson in the situation that caused that hatred in the first place.  My mother always said “it takes all kinds to make the world go round” and I now know what she meant.  If it weren’t for the haters, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate being the lovers.

We need to learn to rise above that feeling of hate and figure out what that anger is teaching us.  The haters will never have that perspective but we can motivate ourselves to see beyond the malevolence that bubbles within us and move beyond the hate.

Appreciate the haters for teaching us how much better it is to love and be happy.  Life is short – appreciate every second of it and don’t waste it being angry.  I don’t ever want to look back on my life and say I wasted a single moment dwelling on a feeling that didn’t make my life better.