Shocking discoveries


I was sifting through my email folders at work today to thin out the bulking cyber drawers and make room for the onslaught of new information for the upcoming season.   I amaze myself with the number of emails I find worthy of saving.  Some are amusing and will get filed back into that vault of humor and some made the hair on the back of my neck stand up today.

In amongst the random emails in my personal folder were a few messages from a former guest regarding his overdue payment for his summer vacation.  This conversation took place back in the autumn of 2011.  His excuses became very creative when it came to explaining why we had not received payment – they bordered on comical, really.  And then I came across one where he said he was going to “blow a gasket” if his office couldn’t get this sorted out.  Normally an off-handed comment like that would not have even registered in the realm of my abnormal or even intimidating.  But looking at this email now, and knowing the person that sent it, the threatening tone of that letter became overwhelmingly real.

Two short months after lengthy discussions and warnings that we would take this man to small claims court to get our money his name appeared before us in such a shocking way that I was speechless.  His name was on the 6:00 pm news – he had been charged with the murder of his girlfriend.   The two faces we had become so familiar with on our vacation property were now splashed all over the media and the complicated story began to unravel.

The financial indiscretion with us was only the tip of the iceberg and, as the investigation continued, his trail of lies and deceit became public knowledge.  In a heated discussion about their financial situation, he lost control and she lost her life.  He hid her body under one of the beds in the house and frantically called friends to say she had never returned home.  Days later, the police arrived at his door for further interrogation and noticed the acrid smell of decomposition coming from the house.

I have deleted his emails.  I don’t want to feel any connection to this horrible monster, nor do I want to be reminded of the heinous crime he committed to conceal his sordid past.  May he get the justice he deserves and may she rest in peace.