A city in heightened terror


The horrific event today in Boston paints my words in a dark color.  The world has turned on its axis again and the ominous cloud that lingered above humanity grows bigger.   What evil force drives people to commit such heinous and unforgivable acts?

I sat on my deck  tonight listening to the sounds of nature.  But those sounds lent no comfort knowing that the sound of terror pierced the ears of so many in a city that should be celebrating – a city that had so much enthusiasm a few hours ago and is now fearfully peeking from behind closed curtains and pacing the hallways of local hospitals.

Innocent children and adults have lost their lives and others who harnessed their athleticism for charities may run no more as they fight for life and limb in hospitals around the city.  Adrenaline was replaced by fear – triumph replaced by tears.

I can only write my words of sorrow and my feelings of disgust for the explosions at the Boston Marathon.  The tragedy has happened but the ripple effect of those explosions will continue as people fear everyone and trust no-one.  My heart  and prayers go out to all of those affected.

Falling behind


With the events surrounding my mother over the last two weeks, I have been falling behind in reading many of your posts.  Thankfully I had many posts written and have been sweeping the dust from those and posting as often as I can.

I have over 1400 emails, most of them notifications of your posts or your comments and I will do my best to get caught up as soon as I can.  I do wish to thank you all for your reading support and your kind words about my mom.   We are still in limbo and are unsure where to go from here but we still maintain as much hope as possible for a good outcome.

I will try to take some time for myself and get back into reading your words that I have come to love.   I do have one light in the tunnel – my magazine article will be published May 1st.  I will try to link to it so I can share it with the blogging world.

Thank you again for being a part of a group that I have come to think of as friends.