It’s all fun and games until you can’t have a shower


I have been fortunate to live in this beautiful place called Muskoka for most of my life.  I was born in a larger city and we relocated when I was seven years old.  I left the comfort of my little town for a couple of years when I went to college and, when I could no longer stand the sites of the concrete jungle, I eventually made the move back home.

Friends from college still ask how I can live in such a remote location and I always respond the same way ~ how can I not?  I am not a city girl, by any means.  The crowds of people at any given time make me very anxious and the pace of the city is way too fast for my liking.

Being a “country bumpkin” and living in an old out-building of a farmhouse does, however, have its challenges.  I try my best not to watch the heat slowly escaping through cracks in the house by filling in holes and covering door jambs with towels to block the drafts.  I try to tune out the sound of the furry little freeloaders living rent free in my attic and my basement.  But the one thing I am unable to ignore is the frozen pipes after battling frigid temperatures for a few weeks.  I had been lucky until my return from home on Monday.  As much as they fought to stay warm enough, the pump and the pipes were no match for Mother Nature’s steady -34 Celsius temperatures without factoring in the wind chill.

Thankfully because I have been living this lifestyle for so long I am able to adapt but I am hoping to have the situation rectified by this afternoon.  Adapting to my lack of running water is one thing, this is why I always keep bottled water in my house.  But not being able to shower in my own home will soon become an issue and I’m sure my neighbors don’t want to see me “bathing” in the snow on my deck!

snow bath

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8 thoughts on “It’s all fun and games until you can’t have a shower

  1. We don’t generally get bad winters where Iive, but did have deep freezing snow five years ago. Our house does not have the company of others to keep it warm. The pipes froze, so no heating or water. Our neighbours. were okay. The Kid moved out to live there for a couple of days. I went round in my wellies and jammies for showers. Mind you, our bathroom is quite primitive at the best of times; a corrugated tin roof, and no proper shower – just one of those shampoo sprays attached to the sink taps and me standing/crouching in the bath. How I love to visit people with real showers….sigh 🙂

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