Keeping a piece of you with me



This pendant hangs around my neck,

a talisman of angelic proportion,

to be a gentle reminder of a life that once was.

This simple butterfly

holds the key to my beginning

and serves as a great source of comfort

when I feel like I am falling

into the abysmal chasm of grief.

For this charm holds a piece of you,

of each of you,

and I draw strength knowing that a part of you

will always be with me,

there to give me that sense of your presence

whenever I need it most.

Ashes to ashes

as yours are forever bound to the other.

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6 thoughts on “Keeping a piece of you with me

  1. Sometimes the smallest things are what gives us the most comfort. Something of theirs we can hold in our hands. I’m working up to another clear out, and know that I will have to part with some items I really don’t have space for. I keep them because of who they belonged to. That isn’t always enough though, if I am to live my life without being too shackled to the past.

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