I left a piece of me


I wanted to leave piece of me behind,

something so unique to me,

that you would remember me

once I had gone.

I don’t want you to doubt

whether I was ever here

in the first place.

I want my imprint

etched into your brain,

so you know that I once was,

and always will be,

a part of your existence.


I left the ghost of me to remain

long after I had gone,

marking the place

that I once held in this world.

I may appear in several ways,

in the most unusual places,

but always know

that I have left a piece of me behind

for you to notice

just when you miss me the most.


I saw this photo on Twitter (@ChicagoProblems) and immediately thought of how loved ones try to send us messages after they have passed.  They never drove a jeep but my mom and dad do send us indications that they are still with us in spirit.  And Mom and Dad, if you reading this, White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit.