Liar, liar, pants ablaze with molten embers


We are all guilty of telling a white lie or two.  If you say you have never stretched the truth to save a friend from feeling down you would most likely resemble the subject line of this post.  Lying is an unavoidable part of basic human nature and one of the simplest atrocities to rectify.

As we each navigate our way through this journey called life, falsehoods can often obscure our course and cause us to spend countless hours, days, even years getting back onto our original path.  Undoubtedly the person guilty of sharing that erroneous information did not have malicious intentions but did not take the time to thoroughly gauge how much that untruth may affect the person it was bestowed upon.

Making a simple fib into an honest admission is a peculiar concept but one that is so easily attainable.  If you’re going to say something that matters, you need to deal in the truth.

I urge everyone to see Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar.   Although presented in a humorous way, its message is so revealing.  What could our planet become if we were all forced to give honest answers to every question that was posed.  (Think of how our system of government would be altered!!)   Telling a lie will appease you in the now.  Telling the truth, although difficult, will benefit both parties in the end.  A true friend will appreciate your honesty and know that you have their best interest in the depths of your heart.

Dealing in fact and reality is a harsh imposition but one that could exponentially increase the authenticity of all of our relationships.  Something as simple as being honest can lend credence to the foundation of a friendship formed on that very ideal. Hold fast to your sincerity.  Let it breathe new life into your conversations and let the words that fall from your tongue drip genuine truism.

Be gentle but, in the end, be honest.  There is no better gift you could give the people you hold closest to your heart.

Written in response to the Daily Prompt.