My Dog Gets Me


I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by pets.  We always had dogs growing up and when I was old enough to learn how to debate properly with my dad, and win, we had a couple of cats. Although cats are certainly quirky and amusing to watch, I have always been a dog person and I always will be.

A dog is the one truly unselfish friend that will love you unconditionally.  Callaway is a blend of black lab, border collie and psychologist.  She gets me, and she has such great intuition when it comes to my moods and my feelings.  We lead a pretty happy life and she is a joy-filled dog, but if I am having an off day, she senses the change in my mood and doesn’t leave my side.  If I am lying on the couch, she will leave her regular spot on my bed and be on the floor right beside me. Every now and then she will sit up and rest her chin on me just to check in and see how I’m doing.

Dogs read human energy.  They may not be able to correctly identify the specific emotion as a human would, but they feel the change in that life force and react accordingly.  She visibly becomes agitated if she senses that I am upset, she consoles me if she senses I’m feeling down, and she never ceases to be there for me.

And through all of the ups and downs that she understands and helps get me through, somewhere in the process she always manages to leave…….

 …..paw prints on my heart.


21 thoughts on “My Dog Gets Me

  1. Pets have that effect on us. Everybody has heard stories of pets in nursing homes or other facilities with sick patients and the animals seem to know who is the sickest. My dad was a very stern Air Force Lt. Col and the only times I have ever seen him cry were at my mother’s death and the passing of our cat.

  2. My dog is also part psychologist … she’s been there for me through surgeries, chemo, depression, job loss, anxiety … and celebrates the good times too. Can’t imagine life without our dogs!

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